The Beauty Loser: A Beauty Fanatic’s Weight Loss Journey

Me, on March 29, 2011, after my first day back at the gym.

Welcome to a new feature on – The Beauty Loser!

I’ve gotten fat – I take total ownership over this. A few years ago I had a flat stomach and ran a half marathon. Now I eat peanut butter M&Ms at random, and five-scoop sundaes at Friendly’s after a dinner of quesadillas and French fries. I don’t have a health-related problem causing me to be heavier – I have an eating – and lack of movement – problem. Of which I need to take control.

It’s time for a change. 

Health problems like sleep apnea and high cholesterol have been my alarm clock – I don’t want to sleep attached to a machine, and I don’t want an increased risk for heart attack. Time to wake up, drink an 8 oz glass of water, and get moving!

I have always worked hard for what I want, and strive to be a better employee, family member and friend. Somehow, I lost sight that I should be healthier, for me. And my future. So I can be around for my employer, family and friends.

The Beauty Loser will chronicle my weight loss and fitness journey as I get in shape to run a 10K later this summer. I chose this goal because it is on August 6 – four months away! – and is in Portland, ME, which means I have to travel for it. I have to commit.

I took the first step toward starting this journey on Dec. 17, 2010, when I quit smoking. Now, almost four months later, I am a week into a Couch to 5K program that will take me to the Memorial Day weekend – when I’ll run a 5K – and eating healthier.

After the 5K, I’ll have 10 weeks to prepare for the 10K!

It’s my hope that I will lose ultimately 60 lbs…I’m not sure this is going to happen in the next four months – it doesn’t seem particularly healthy to lose that much in four months – but I’d like to at least lose half and jog/run almost all of the 10K.

I’m keeping a fitness and weight loss journal, and each installment of The Beauty Loser will give you my stats, and random thoughts, weaknesses and strengths from the week.

Yes. This is a big step for me. I’m going to share my weight with you. Holy cow.

But for me, this keeps me accountable. It keeps me HONEST!

I’ll throw this out there – if you are interested in joining me in The Beauty Loser journey, please email me at beautyjudyblog at (@ instead of at…). I’d like to open this journey up to anyone who wants to chronicle their own weight loss journey – pics, stats and thoughts along the way!

So let’s get started, eh? Here goes nothin’!

Week One

Weight at start: 218.8 lbs.

Weight at end of week one: 213.6 lbs.

Woo hoo! 5.2 lbs. down.

The last week has been an exercise in better food choices, and getting back to the gym. I made an effort to drink more water and think about what I was putting in my mouth.

It was a start!

I went twice to start my C25K program (an app on my iPhone), and have chosen low fat Greek yogurt and apples over those pesky Peanut Butter M & Ms and five-scoop sundaes.

Ok. So I did choose to have a molten chocolate cake for dessert Sunday (although I only had one meal)…and I may have gotten waaaaay too happy on red wine Friday night…but overall? I get an A!

I smile when I think of my first night back to the gym. I rooted through my laundry to pick out a shirt to wear, grabbing a gray T-shirt out of the pile. It says, “I *heart* Twinkies.” Except the *heart* is a Twinkie. Um. Yeah. No. I pictured myself sweating, jiggling all over – the big girl at the gym, wearing an I *Twinkie* Twinkies shirt. Instead, I picked up the other gray T-shirt, the one in that picture above! Seriously, I giggle out loud when I think of me wearing this Twinkies shirt at the gym!

Anyway. I enjoyed week 1! And week 2 is off to a fast start!

Strengths this week: Definitely eating better. Drinking a lot more water. Lost weight!

Weaknesses: Didn’t get to the gym more than twice, and probably am eating too much of the healthier foods. Need to find balance.

That about does it for me, for now! As I juggle my new lifestyle, fitting in exercise, this week may be sporadic on posts!

Have a great week, friends!