Deborah Lippman All That Jazz Trio

I had no idea that Deborah Lippmann was a jazz singer until I read the back packaging of the All That Jazz trio!

According to Deborah’s bio (found here) she went to cosmetology school to learn how to do nails as her day job, to support herself as she sang at jazz clubs at night. I find this pretty cool! I always thought it was neat that her polishes are named after songs, but now that naming scheme has new meaning!

This trio, available exclusively through Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, is packed with glitter!

On with the swatches!

Razzle Dazzle:

Razzle Dazzle is a gorgeous hot pink glitter in a sheer pink  jelly base. I felt like my natural light pictures didn’t do it justice, so I threw in that last flash pic for fun! This polish is bling-tastic.

Some Enchanted Evening:

Some Enchanted Evening is a light pink and hot pink glitter with larger light pink hex glitter pieces in a clear base. I didn’t show this one on its own, just over top Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Teeny Bikini (this was a polish I got in a recent swap with Helen of Just Nice Things!) If you click to enlarge that last photo, I imagine you’ll see the hot pink glitter I’m talking about. It’s subtle, but catching when you see it!

Lady Sings the Blues:

Lady Sings the Blues is a navy base with silver, blue irridescent hex glitter (that’s how it looks in the bottle, but it could just be silver!) and silver glitter. Oh, this color is my favorite of the bunch. The glitter has depth on the nail, and I’ve said this twice in the last month – this reminds me of the night sky with stars in it (I find it interesting that two of those times was about this brand of polish :)). I wore this polish when Mike and I went out to a nice resturant to celebrate our three-year dating anniversary 🙂

I had no real application issues with any of these. I did a couple coats of Some Enchanted Evening to really build up the glitter. You can see some tip wear on Razzle Dazzle, and I had tip wear on Lady Sings the Blues as well. But nothing major (remember…I change polish daily).

This set is available for $40 at Nordstrom, and currently sold out online at