Compare and Save: China Glaze Zombie Zest vs. SpaRitual Optical Illusion

Today’s comparators: China Glaze Zombie Zest vs. SpaRitual Optical Illusion.

*Remember, click photos to enlarge!

Bottle comparison!

In the bottle, Optical Illusion has more blue shimmer.

The same lineup, in the shade:

In the bottle, Optical Illusion, again has more of a blue/aqua shimmer. The flecks of glitter also seem a bit larger. But on the nail? They are very similar! You do pick up some more of the aqua shimmer on the Optical Illusion nail, but I don’t think it’s as strong as how it appears in the bottle shot above. I wore Optical Illusion and wear was good. Just tip wear. China Glaze wears well on me, too.

The difference between these two polishes is drastic – China Glaze can run from $2.75 on Victoria Nail Supply to $5 something at Sally’s, where Zombie Zest will be sold. But SpaRitual is $10 a bottle. I think these two are close enough that you could satisfy your Optical Illusion lemming (if you have one and haven’t fulfilled it already!) with Zombie Zest! You might consider Optical Illusion if China Glaze doesn’t wear well on you, or you want to treat yourself 🙂

Look out for Zombie Zest in September with the rest of the China Glaze Awakening collection! And I purchased Optical Illusion here!

What do you think?