Holiday Collection Month, week 3!

Welcome to week #3 of my holiday manis!!!  This week I really tried to think outside the box a couple times, but I also had to keep it simple a couple days. This week was very busy and punctuated by great news – I have accepted a new job! I am taking a new direction in my career path that I’ve been thinking of taking for about two years now. Timing is everything, and time has been on my side! I have been at my current job for almost seven years; it’s definitely a bittersweet departure. But I am excited for my new ventures!

Onto the manis!

Dec. 12: This is possibly my favorite holiday mani yet….I wore it for two days!!! OPI Comet Loves Cupid. White nail art lacquer for fur on Santa’s jacket and black nail art paint for his belt. Silver nail art lacquer for his buckle:

Day 13: Same mani as above. It was so stinkin’ cute and got me so many compliments, I kept it on for another day! Here’s a pic of the thumb:

Dec 14: This is one of my “outside the box” manis! I decided on an “All I want for Christmas – toy theme!” I used Boots No. 17 Tinsels and Tiaras in Tinsel (thank you, Sarah!). For my thumbs, I used the crown design from plate M40 stamped in China Glaze Harmony (doesn’t every little girl want to get dress-up pincess clothes and accessories for Christmas?!). I used the pony and star Texas badge from the Western Cowboy plate S5 stamped in China Glaze Poetic (because little boys sometimes want cowboy dress-up stuff and toys!). I did the girl-head design from plate M71 in Princess Polish Psyche Pink (we girls can do anything, right Barbie? Barbie is still on Christmas lists, I hope!). I used Elmo water nail decals that I purchased on eBay from this store for the ring finger (because when I worked at Kmart during Christmas in the mid-90s, everyone wanted Tickle Me Elmo!). Finally, for the pinkie I used the gift design from plate M14 stamped in red Special Polish (everyone loves gifts, no matter what’s inside!!!):

Dec. 15: OPI Shim-Merry Chic (this is actually my swatch pic from November’s post, since I forgot to take a picture when I wore it Tuesday and when I remembered, I had a big ole chip in it 🙁 !! As I said, it’s been a busy week!):

Dec. 16: OPI Sapphire in the Snow. Winning Nails Fantasy Foil in red and green:

Dec. 17: Decidely NOT my favorite mani of this little series…OPI Dazzled by Gold (I should have worn this by itself, so pretty!!!). Plate M62 stamped in China Glaze Awaken. A red and green flower rhinestone for each ring finger:

Dec. 18: A candy cane design. I should have used a striper instead of another polish/brush! Oh well…China Glaze Tinsel. Red lines made using mini Icing from limited edition holiday set. It has no name:

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!!!

Disclosures: WowSoCool may have sent me the plates and Special or Princess Polishes I used – in this post – for review in the past, but as I’ve acquired a number of plates and Special Polishes through both purchasing and for review I can not be sure! I hadn’t kept track so I thought I’d just throw it out there to be safe!