Thursday Poll 8/13/09 and a bit of rambling randomness!

Happy Thursday everyone!! I don’t know about your week, but this has been a good week for me.

  • I am doing my first makeup job in a couple weeks – something I never expected to ever do!! I’ll definitely be blogging about the experience and showing you pictures. It’ll be part of a how-to for wedding makeup that I’ve been planning!
  • Totally un-makeup related but I had to order new glasses as I lost/threw out the ones I’ve had for the last five years 🙁 I picked them up yesterday. My boyfriend says they are “sexy librarian glasses” LOL!:

my new specs

  • I ordered my first Konad products! The NailPhile alerted readers to a discount at WowSoCool for 30% off and I jumped on it. I can’t wait to try nail stamping! Check out Siobhan’s awesome Konading here. I hope Konad looks ok on my post-acrylic stubs!
  • Speaking of my stubs, my nails seem to be doing great, I’m treating them every night with the Almond Cuticle Oil and using LavendeRx (read more here). I have kept them painted each day but generally take the polish off when I get home from work to let them breathe for a couple hours and then do them again. Compared to the photo in the post I linked to a couple lines up, my nails look like they’re on the right mending track:

nail update

Anyway! Onto the poll of the day!

What celebrity’s makeup style have you found yourself admiring?

I am a fan of Katy Perry’s makeup, mostly because she pairs her face with outrageous, fruit-adorned clothes 🙂 She isn’t afraid of color, and I like that!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!