Urban Decay's new cream shadows

Urban Decay launched a new line of gel-based cream eye shadows with their Spring 2009 collection, boasting 70s flair. There’s 12 new shades with fun names like Asphalt, Delinquent and Rehab.

I was wary at first. Cream shadows tend to crease easier and can  sometimes feel tacky. If you have a hooded eye like I do, when you blink you run the risk of getting your lid color on your lid crease and that’s just a mess.

I’ve used previous versions of Urban Decay’s cream shadows and thought they were okay – I found that the ones with glitter tended to be more tacky than the ones that were more shimmer.

On Wednesday, I used Mushroom, a gray, shimmery color, across my lid and into the crease and just above it, combined with a couple of MAC shadows (Vex to highlight my brow bone, and Trax to add depth and a dash of color to the inside corner of my upper eyelid).

My lids felt only slightly tacky, but the color was nice – the look was soft.

I could tell that it’d be easy to create a bolder look by layering on the cream but for a normal work day, I chose a light layer.

Today I tried using Urban Decay’s Primer Potion all over my eye area first. I didn’t use it the first day because I figured, well, I’m using cream shadow, that should act as a base. So after applying the Potion and giving it a couple minutes to dry, I applied the cream shadow in Suburbia, a bronzy color with slight glitter to it. I have a small sample of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in R.S.V.P. and I used that over my brow bones to the brow.

Although the Urban Decay web site says the Primer Potion will enhance the longevity of the cream shadows (and I do LOVE their Primer Potion) I found that using that first created a splotchy application of the shadow. I used an Ulta eye shadow – Lustre – over the parts where it was splotchy to try and even things out since the R.S.V.P. was just a tad too light to do that for me.

Here’s a picture of a few of the new cream shadow colors:

Top to bottom: Sphynx, Mushroom, Suburbia, Radium and Grass

Top to bottom: Sphynx, Mushroom, Suburbia, Radium and Grass

Find the whole line on the Urban Decay web site; there’s a link on the right hand side of my blog!

Also, not to be forgotten – Too Faced also launched six shades of Lockdown Cream Shadows with their spring collection. They are color AND contain Shadow Insurance (Too Faced’s eye primer) in one product, according to the web site. There’s six new shades.  I haven’t tried them yet. Have you?