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Aug 12 2009

Ink for Eyes by Urban Decay

Urban Decay has come out with a funky new set of cream eyeliners called Ink For Eyes: The eyeliner case is in the shape of a coffin and has an awesome peacock design on the front of it. The top of the coffin box opens  up, like this: Cool, right? I absolutely love this product package …

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Aug 06 2009

Drug Store Finds: Walgreens

I left the Teal Toes post up an extra day this week because a) it got so much attention and b) I felt it was an important cause and I wanted as many people as possible to learn about the cool things they can accomplish with teal toe nail polish! 🙂 So today I decided …

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Jul 31 2009

Tokaido Express – NARS’ new Fall 2009 nail color

When I think of NARS, I don’t think nail polish.  I think Orgasm – the blush and lip gloss color, that is! But the company does have a collection of nail polishes (also in Orgasm!), and this fall they’ve added Tokaido Express to the list. Tokaido Express is described on the NARS web site as …

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Jul 22 2009

Too Faced Fall: Metal-Eyed and Living in Sin

I went to pick up some nail polish remover from Ulta but of course, I can’t go into a makeup store and not look at the makeup! I found a whole array of new Too Faced products. I’m not sure if they’re fall or late summer or just new products, especially since the only thing …

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Jul 08 2009

Urban Decay Fall is here!

If you don’t have your favorite makeup companies on your Facebook, you need to leave this blog and go find their fan pages and add them! Because of Facebook, I got to see previews of Urban Decay’s fall line-up. I love that UD has come out with a cream eyeliner called Ink for Eyes, and …

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Jul 02 2009

More for your money!

I read on a blog that if you cut open Urban Decay’s Primer Potion bottle, you will find tons more product than what you get out with the wand while the bottle is still intact. As my most recent bottle came to an end, I asked my boyfriend to get me some kind of cutting …

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Jul 01 2009

Sometimes, FAIL!

I tooled around on Urban Decay’s site yesterday because the company’s FB page said that they’re debuting fall items this week, and of course I wanted to check that out! Looks like they’re going to introduce cream eyeliners (Pyrotechnics is the one I’m eyeing!), as well as three new lipstick shades (Naked is the one …

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Jun 22 2009

It’s been awhile!

I haven’t posted in a couple weeks, but mostly because I have had a busy June! Work travel, birthdays, graduations, lack of available computer etc. etc! Up until a couple weeks ago, I also had two jobs. I have my career, but I also worked part time at a beauty retail shop. I decided to …

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Mar 18 2009

Worth the wait: Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows Palette returns!

I’ve been meaning to update Beauty Judy but it’s been a crazy week or so. But I’m back! My mom showed me the new circular for Ulta last night. What do my wandering eyes see but: Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows Palette. At Christmas, I could not find this ANYWHERE. It was an exclusive palette …

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Feb 23 2009

Happy Mardi Gras, beauty lovers!

A bit of New Orleans flare for your Fat Tuesday morning 🙂 Started off the eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion. Eyeshadows used: Urban Decay in Vert and Uzi (the highlighting brow color), L’Oreal H.I.P. Bright Shadow Duo in Flamboyant (purple and shimmery yellow). Eyeliners: Wet N’ Wild Mega Liner in Turquoise, Urban Decay 24/7 …

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