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May 09 2012

New Shades Added to Milani Crystal Gloss Line

What I love about a good lip gloss is when it’s compact, isn’t too tacky, wears decent and easily fits in the pocket of my jeans. Milani Cosmetics Crystal Gloss for Lips meets most of this criteria! Milani has added eight new shades to its existing line of glosses. Crystal Glosses are sheerer and thinner than the …

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May 04 2012

What’s New in Beauty at QVC

Wednesday night I ventured into New York City to attend a QVC beauty press event, where I learned about all the cool, new products and exclusive sets that the shopping network has just added, or that are coming for summer – and yes, even fall and holiday! If you read my post from last year, you …

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Feb 17 2012

New! Milani Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lipgloss

Milani’s Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lipgloss is a fantastic cross between a thick – but not goopy – lip gloss, with the pigmentation of a lipstick. Milani says this lip product is new for 2012, but when I went to put away one of my new MAC Plush Glasses from the Vera Collection, I found two older versions of Haute …

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Feb 08 2012

New Milani Products and Shades for 2012!

I have big drugstore makeup news to share today! Milani Cosmetics is celebrating the launch of its new products for 2012, as well as new shades in some of its existing lines! In the press release, the headline reads, “Milani Cosmetics, Champagne Taste on a Beer Pocketbook!” I smiled when I saw that. My grandmother …

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Oct 20 2011

Lush Lip Tints for Holiday

I may have mentioned previously, but I’m pretty obsessed with all things Lush right now. When the holiday products went on sale through the Lush website, I exercised some self-restraint against ordering all the pretties, and picked up just a few things; Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Pow Wow Lip Scrub, Snowcake and Snow Globe soaps, and …

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Oct 14 2011

New! Jordana EasyShine Gloss Lip Color

Jordana Cosmetics has new lippies! Jordana EasyShine Glossy Lip Color is a hybrid gloss/tint/lipstick all in one product, and I’m really digging it – especially the price! About EasyShine EasyShine offers a super slick texture and shiny pop of color. There are 12 shades, and I have six to share with you today! The EasyShine lippies have 1.9g …

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Oct 12 2011

Jordana Squeeze N’ Shine Super Shiny Tasty Lip Gloss

Jordana Cosmetics has released three new shades in its Squeeze N’ Shine Super Shiny Tasty Lip Gloss line! These glosses are true to their name – super shiny and tasty, for sure! Today I have six to share with you, including the three new shades – Sugar Lips, Berry Cute and Strawberry Icing. About Squeeze N’ …

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Jul 05 2011

NYC New York Color Bronze Bliss Collection

THE CONTEST FOR THESE PRODUCTS IS CLOSED – THANK YOU! By now you might have seen displays of NYC New York Color’s summer Bronze Bliss collection at your local drug store! I’ve seen the display at my local Rite Aid and CVS! Today I have some of the pieces to review for you! I’ll break …

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Aug 06 2009

Drug Store Finds: Walgreens

I left the Teal Toes post up an extra day this week because a) it got so much attention and b) I felt it was an important cause and I wanted as many people as possible to learn about the cool things they can accomplish with teal toe nail polish! 🙂 So today I decided …

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Jul 28 2009

Drugstore Finds: Rite Aid

Since my 5 & 10 finds and adventure  in Jim Thorpe, PA the weekend before last, I’ve been thinking a lot about the experience of buying makeup at the drug store. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of dough on things like nail polish, eye shadow or lip gloss. Hello! We’re in a recession! …

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