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New! MyHabit.com Launches Beauty Sales!

Who doesn’t love a good beauty bargain – especially when it’s high-end products for up to 50% off?! Then don’t hesitate – especially with the holidays around the corner! Go forth and shop! MyHabit.com is open for beauty business as of today, Noon EST! This is among the products you may find for sale…click to enlarge… MyHabit.com …

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It’s This One Thing…! Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

It’s This One Thing…! is about a product that is totally “wowing” me at the moment! Something I’ve discovered that I can’t live without, something that has made a difference in my skincare, haircare or beauty routine! It’s rare that I use a new shampoo or conditioner, and honestly notice a real big difference in …

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Something for after sun

My favorite place to be is on the beach. Or as we say in Jersey, down the shore. I love the feel of the hot sand under my feet (and the giddy way I feel running towards the water to lessen the burn on my soles), the sound of the waves crashing, scrambling to move …

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