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I Will Never Forget

I took this photo of the World Trade Center site while visiting New York City with my mom a couple months ago. As I stood in the 90+ degree weather, sweating and staring at the skyscraper that was rising where the towers stood, I lost myself in the memory of what I saw on 9/11/01, from my place in a …

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No post

Hey All! I’m feeling under the weather – look for more BeautyJudy tomorrow!!!

Forgive me for I have … blogged.

Some of you may have heard about the blogger-offending piece titled “On My Mind: Move Over, Bloggers!” penned by Nails Magazine Executive Editor Hannah Lee. I don’t get fired up about drama in the blogging or nail world very often, but I was HOT about this. I decided to wait until I was cooled down before penning my …

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Hi ya’all! It’s such a BEAUTIFUL Saturday, I can’t stand it!!! Last night I spent some amazing QT with my cousins, drinking and swimming and laughing. My plans today have changed, but for the interesting! My bestie and I are going to journey to the north end of the state to visit the Inglot store! …

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If you were to stand outside my house for a while on a Saturday or Sunday, you might see the front door open, and I’ll slip out, my hair in a ponytail and a headband, keeping stray pieces out of my eyes and face. I’ll have four nails on one hand painted, clutching a coordinating bottle of nail polish …

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