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Celebrating Nine Years of Blogging: A Blog-Life/Work-Life Balancing Act!

My very first blog header picture in 2009 – a blurry, blurry mess (but I did love my eye shadow look, lol! With the recent relaunch of my site, I waxed a little poetic about blogging for so many years. So no worries – I won’t repeat myself! But nine years ago today, I posted …

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Interacting with other bloggers

 Me in the middle of Leslie from work/play/polish on the left and Krystal from PolishGalore on the right. Some random photo bombers behind us, lol! One of the best things about being a beauty and nail blogger, hands down, is the other people I’ve met. My personal and blogging life is better for the other …

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Public Relations terms defined: What do you need to know as a blogger?

PR definitions for beauty bloggers on BeautyJudy

This week in my kinda unofficial “business of blogging” series, I wanted to break down some common terms in public relations that we encounter as bloggers. What’s a press release? What does the term, “embargo” mean? I’m not only sharing this info with you from a blogger perspective, but I write press releases for a …

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Business of Blogging: Know Your Worth

The email I’ve excerpted below has been changed to take out the identity of the companies. My intent is not to shame anyone, or to start trouble. And please do not comment with the name of the company if you have received a similar email, your comment will be deleted. The intention of sharing this …

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