Aug 16 2009

Konad: A new addiction…

I’ve read a lot about Konad on many of my favorite nail polish fanatic blogs. For a while I thought, “Hmm. Yeah, no. This isn’t something I’d be able to do. I’m so not an artist.” Then The NailPhile posted a promotion code for Konad, and I thought, it looks really cool and they say it’s …

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Aug 15 2009

Subscribe to BeautyJudy

Hi all! I just wanted to let you know that I figured out how you can subscribe to my blog! There’s a “Subscribe” link on the right side, scroll down past “About Me” and you’ll find it! Also, you can find BeautyJudy on Facebook, in the Fan Pages, too! Thanks all! Hope you’re having a fantabulous …

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Aug 15 2009

Eyes of the Day – 8/15/09

I’ll make this post brief! Here’s my eyes of the day, created with the Too Faced Natural Eye palette (Cocoa Puff in outter corner, outside of lower lashline; Push Up in the middle, Silk Teddy across lid and brow), Urban Decay Minx liquid eyeliner on upper lash line and Flipside 24/7 eyeliner on inner to …

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Aug 14 2009

Christmas Tree Shops: Revlon finds

The first time my friend Mandi asked me about going to the Christmas Tree Shops – and it was nowhere near Christmas – I thought it was a little odd. Then she explained to me that no, they don’t just sell Christmas stuff! They sell tons of discounted stuff! Another reason why I wasn’t too …

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Aug 13 2009

Thursday Poll 8/13/09 and a bit of rambling randomness!

Happy Thursday everyone!! I don’t know about your week, but this has been a good week for me. I am doing my first makeup job in a couple weeks – something I never expected to ever do!! I’ll definitely be blogging about the experience and showing you pictures. It’ll be part of a how-to for wedding makeup that …

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Aug 12 2009

Ink for Eyes by Urban Decay

Urban Decay has come out with a funky new set of cream eyeliners called Ink For Eyes: The eyeliner case is in the shape of a coffin and has an awesome peacock design on the front of it. The top of the coffin box opens  up, like this: Cool, right? I absolutely love this product package …

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Aug 11 2009

Drug Store Finds: CVS

CVS is much more than prescriptions and really awesome smelling antibacterial hand sanitizer (seriously, have you smelled their antibacterial gel? It smells so good to me!). While CVS doesn’t really have unique brands like Walgreens has Sinful Colors and Jordana, CVS has dependable brands. They even sell selected Orly shades and Seche Vite top coat. I decided to …

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Aug 10 2009

OPI Espana collection – finally on my hands!

I’ve been anticipating the OPI fall line for weeks! Yesterday my friend Denise and I were at Ulta at 11 a.m., sale circulars in hand, and found we didn’t have to go far into the store to find it. We grabbed baskets and took about five steps and there was the display!I scored a polish for …

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Aug 09 2009

Goodbye fakies and hello healing products!

I did a bad thing on Thursday night. I tore off the acrylic overlay on my nails. I lifted the already weakened acrylic with my fingers, I chipped away at it with nail clippers and yes, I slid a thin metal nail file to lift unlifted nails off my sensitive nail beds. I figured it’d be easy to …

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Aug 07 2009

Cuddle with Color – Essie Fall 2009

I stopped in Ulta to impatiently check and see if they’d gotten in the OPI Espana collection and was disappointed that no, not yet, they don’t have it.*sigh* But then I looked on one of the end caps and they had a display of Essie, Cuddle with Color – their Fall 2009 line up! I was …

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