Jul 06 2009

A "Natural Muse"

I love color! I’ll wear purples with blues, yellows with coppers and just about any other color combo I can make work with my fair skin tone. But when it comes to my on-the-business-trip career look, I play it safe (on the road, like I said. While in the office today I’ll be sporting MAC …

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Jul 05 2009

Happy birthday America!

I celebrated with flags on my nails… and patriotism on my eyes! Urban Decay: Radium liquid liner on lashline, Kiddie Pool eyeshadow on inside corner, Uzi eyeshadow in the middle of lid and up to brows, and Deluxe eyeshadow Heat in the outside corners. I used Benefit Bad Gal Mascara and highlighted upper lids with …

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Jul 02 2009

More for your money!

I read on a blog that if you cut open Urban Decay’s Primer Potion bottle, you will find tons more product than what you get out with the wand while the bottle is still intact. As my most recent bottle came to an end, I asked my boyfriend to get me some kind of cutting …

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Jul 01 2009

Sometimes, FAIL!

I tooled around on Urban Decay’s site yesterday because the company’s FB page said that they’re debuting fall items this week, and of course I wanted to check that out! Looks like they’re going to introduce cream eyeliners (Pyrotechnics is the one I’m eyeing!), as well as three new lipstick shades (Naked is the one …

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Jun 26 2009

Just another Gen X'r, paying tribute to MJ

My friend Jemal and I had a debate a few years back about which Michael Jackson song the best dance song. I found “Don’t Stop (Til You Get Enough),” which was one of my favorite dance songs, on my iPod and turned up the volume on the car radio as we drove. I probably “Woooo-ed” …

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Jun 25 2009

Polka pedi!

I have OPI’s Banana Bandana and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it as a nail color, so last night I did it as a pedi, and added blue and hot pink polka dots. I think I’d do this on my digits, too!

Jun 22 2009

It’s been awhile!

I haven’t posted in a couple weeks, but mostly because I have had a busy June! Work travel, birthdays, graduations, lack of available computer etc. etc! Up until a couple weeks ago, I also had two jobs. I have my career, but I also worked part time at a beauty retail shop. I decided to …

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Jun 01 2009

Something for after sun

My favorite place to be is on the beach. Or as we say in Jersey, down the shore. I love the feel of the hot sand under my feet (and the giddy way I feel running towards the water to lessen the burn on my soles), the sound of the waves crashing, scrambling to move …

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May 21 2009

Great tips from Allure!

Was perusing the web for news and saw this article from Allure about using makeup to accentuate the positives as your skin ages… it’s kinda a how-to on how not to call out your crow’s feet and thin lips! http://tiny.cc/yI3Gj I especially like the feathering lipstick tip!

May 15 2009

MAC Pro longwear lip color

I have tried tons of long-wearing lip colors and pretty much all of them but L’Oreal’s has disappointed me. But I never expected that MAC’s would disappoint me, too. I used it yesterday and by lunch, when I was wiping my lips as I ate, the lipstick started coming off in those tell-tale tiny balls. …

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