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40 Before 40: Well, I’m 40. How’d I do?

After a few months of chronicling my efforts to check off 40 experiences from my “40 before 40” bucket list, the milestone day has arrived! I am officially 40! (me, circa…summer of I have no idea but definitely the 80s) So anyway, how did I do with my 40 before 40 adventure? In short order: …

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April 40 Before 40 Update

makeup purging 40 before 40 bucket list beautyjudy

Proof that I was once super blonde, naturally I can’t believe it’s April already! My 40th birthday is next¬†month which means this is my last monthly update; I do my project final recap on my birthday – May 12! I’m glad I kept the pressure low on this milestone project. Because I suck at knocking …

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March 40 Before 40 Update

February was a tough month. I was not focused on this project at all! In fact, I lost a little steam on it. February was a bit of a whirlwind, and for about half of it, I didn’t have time to accomplish day to day things – like eat lunch. So when it comes to …

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February 40 Before 40 Update!

Last month I introduced my 40 Before 40 intentions. This month I wanted to give some insight into my attempts at accomplishing all these things! I also wanted to note that after I made the decision to do this and started talking about it on social media and with friends and family, I was encouraged …

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40 before 40: How I’m dealing with a milestone birthday in 2017

40 before 40 BeautyJudy

Happy New Year! A new year means a new opportunity. A chance to make new memories and fill our days with new experiences and accomplishments. There will be heartache along the way – life is full of ups and downs – but 2017 is a clean slate and it’s ours to make of it what …

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