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Sephora by OPI Dating the Drummer

Hi everyone! How’s your Sunday going? I got eliminated from my work football elimination pool today, that’s a bummer! I picked Indianapolis Colts this week…and they lost. Oh well. At least I made it to week four on extremely limited football knowledge! Tonight is a new episode of Dexter, so the weekend will end on …

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Operation Vacation: A success of relaxation!

Hellllllo everyone! I’m back! I returned from vacation on Sunday, but I made the last leg of the trip home that day coming down with a scratchy, sore throat, runny nose, stuffed sinuses…I came down with the cold that half my family managed to get over the course of our week in Ormond Beach, FL! Lucky for …

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LJL: a Flea Market Polish Find

Again today I have a flea market post! I found a brand that cost $1 a bottle that didn’t smell horrific like those odd polishes I shared last week! I Googled LJL and didn’t come up with much. I checked the bottle and saw “Jehahn Corp” on the label, so I Googled that. And found the …

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Oh Gosh!

I’ve done a couple swaps in the last couple months – one with Inbal from 20 Color Drops and one with Helen from Just Nice Things. I’m JUST getting around to posting something about the first one, with Helen! Among the polishes I got her was Chanel Paradoxal. Among the polishes she got me was my …

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VIP Polishes

Man, I am just loaded with flea market polish finds the last couple weeks! I found this line, V.I.P., which was hit-or-miss for me. After Dark: After Dark is actually a dupe for Maybelline Express Finish Vanishing Venus. It’s a red/burgundy color with strong green flash. I tried to capture it and I couldn’t! Blue …

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Rimmel Zeitgeist – Happy Fall!

Happy first day of Fall, ya’all! I thought I’d celebrate with a very autumnal color that I found when I went into my local Kmart looking for knee high stockings – of all things! – and I passed by a big cart full of clearanced cosmetics. Of course I had to stop! And I’m glad I did! …

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Random Avon Picks!

I’ve been impressed with Avon’s selection of color in its Nailwear Pro line lately, and when I placed a recent order I also picked up a couple different types of the polish, just to check it out. I picked up two Mirror Shine polishes and two Color Trend Ice Sheers. I believe a long time ago, I …

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Flea Market Finds a Stinky Experience

Over the summer I found some interesting polishes at a couple of my favorite flea markets. The ones I’m sharing today are odd. They smell funky and look funny! While swatching this, I wondered if I was risking my lung health. The smell was stronger than paint you’d put on your walls! I have no …

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Compare and Save: OPI L-TLM vs. China Glaze Jitterbug

Today’s Comparators: OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous vs. China Glaze Jitterbug I went looking through my fall 2010 stash for the Essie vs. Barielle Compare and Save post, and I realized that these two deserved a Compare and Save, too! Bottle comparison: The polishes look quite similar in the bottle! These polishes are very similar in …

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Pole Cat FOTD

Just a recent FOTD for you with Meow Cosmetics! This is a classy, smokey eye look. I love it. Eyes: UDPP Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy Meow Cosmetics Pole Cat in outer lid, crease Meow Cosmetics Roswell in inner lid, to blend at crease MAC Lark About to highlight to brow Cover Girl Exact Lights Mascara in …

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