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Cast a Spell Giveaway Winner!

Hello! Today I’d like to congratulate the winner of the Cast a Spell Giveaway, and thank you ALL for participating in this giveaway sponsored by Color Club and myself! I decided to get Timmy involved in my drawing antics. I usually use the Magic Hat or whatever it’s called, the automated online program, but I …

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Hello all! Hope you are all having a great weekend! I’m doing work stuff today. Luckily, I didn’t have to dress up, and I had a couple minutes to take some quick pics and prep a post 🙂 I got to put on jeans and weekend makeup…so today is a quickie makeup post, and also to …

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New Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes!

Don’t forget to enter the Cast a Spell giveaway!!! Click HERE for the deets!!! The one good thing about living in a crowded area outside of a major US city? There’s a drug store every mile or so, I swear! So that means if the Rite Aid by my house doesn’t have the new Sally …

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Cast a Spell giveaway!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a giveaway, and I’m announcing one with quick turnaround today! I purchased the Color Club Cast a Spell polish and nail art decal mini set, and then received a sample set in the mail! So I talked with Erika from Color Club, and we’re sponsoring a giveaway for the …

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New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes

When I saw holographic bar glitter in the new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Hard as Nails polishes, I was ecstatic! Especially over Purple Fiesta! But I was a bit disappointed…I’m glad I only bought three of those bar glitter polishes, but I was very happy with the other two shades I bought, Mystic Lilac and Purple Gala. Onto …

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Booo! Is that a ghost?!

I’ve finally started to get into a Halloween state of mind! It has something to do with the Halloween decorating/costume contest at my office! I helped a couple other coworkers firm up a theme and organize a nice pot luck lunch the day of the contest! We tied the theme into our department name and …

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Slime & Snails have a Psycho Mind at the Disco

Hello all! I’ve had a couple Hi Fi Cosmetics shadows in my untrieds for a while, and I recently got a full size of the shadow Disco because it’s a great highlighter, and I thought I’d share a look I thought turned out pretty cool! I really like Hi Fi. Along with Aromaleigh and Meow …

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Revlon Matte Suede polishes

Revlon recently released a set of Matte Suedes and I wasn’t going to pick them up, but I really liked Powder Puff. So I ended up with all four. How does that happen? I like one and I end up with four?! Oh, the life of a nail fanatic… All the photos below were taken …

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Rescue Beauty Lounge for fall

Happy Friday, all! I emailed Rescue Beauty Lounge either over last weekend or last week looking for a press release about this collection but didn’t get one. So I’m just going to share pictures with you – I’m sure you’ve read about it on other blogs by now, anyway! Catherine H.: Catherine H. is a gorgeous …

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Aromaleigh Spells! look

Aromaleigh is offering three additional “Adieu” collections – Wonderstruck, Spells! and Mythos – in addition to Ciao! Italia. I really dig all of them, but I find I’m particularly drawn to the Spells! collection! I ordered my sample set Oct. 3, and received it Tuesday, and couldn’t wait to use some of the shadows to …

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