We’re Moving to Florida!

This is a photo of a small cosmetics bag. It’s pretty unremarkable, right?

It was either $7.99 or $8.99, I can’t recall the price exactly. I don’t remember in what store I found it.

What’s important about this bag is that I spotted it as I walked around outlets off International Drive in Orlando, Florida, contemplating the fact that I was 1,000 miles from home, sweating in my black suit pants and floral dress shirt, after interviewing for a new job.

As I wandered in and out of stores, I dissected everything about the interview I just had. The air that day was heavy, hot and still; I sweated so much it felt like I was submerged in a bowl of soup.

I had done my best, and it would still be a couple weeks before I’d know my fate, but when I saw this cosmetics bag, it was a sign. I got a funny feeling in my stomach that the interview went well, and that if I took the job, I’d be moving to Florida.

(A double rainbow as I pulled in to meet a friend for dinner after my interview…for me, more signs that this was my future.)

Flash forward a couple months and here I am, in the middle of a whirlwind made up of home improvement projects, decluttering, packing, finishing work projects and preparing to say an extended “see you later” to our friends and family.

Mike and I spent a few days mulling it over before I officially accepted the job offer. Could we afford it? Is this the best thing for our family? For Mike’s career? For me, it was a slam dunk. But it had to be right for all of us.

My husband is leaving his family business, and he will be “daddy daycare,” as he refers to himself, when we first arrive! The adventure begins next week, when we pack up our cars, and drive down to Florida to begin this next chapter of our lives together!

I still can’t believe this is all happening, and it’s equal parts exciting, stressful and sad.

(I spotted this T-shirt at my local Walmart, in my size, just hanging there next to a lot more New Jersey-oriented shirts. Again, signs…)

It’s bittersweet for me to leave my current job – I’ve been with my company for almost nine years. I was relatively happy, but my new opportunity came along at a time when I was ready and open for a new challenge. I’m moving on to an even more global organization with a lot of opportunity for professional development and growth.

It’s important, in my opinion, to entertain opportunities that come up, even if you aren’t looking for them. To take the interview even if you don’t think you want the job. Or don’t think you’re qualified. Or you’re overqualified. I have searches set up with a couple of job-searching sites, like Indeed.com, because I like to know what positions are out there and what skills are needed for them. It keeps me thinking about what skills I posses, and where I need to grow. Be self-aware about your areas of strength and areas of opportunity – being self-aware is such a great skill to have!

It’s also bittersweet to leave our friends and family. The majority of our village is in New Jersey. It is THE hardest part about this move. Not being a half hour from my parents, in-laws, aunts and uncles…and even closer to some of my cousins. The girls will grow up Skyping and FaceTiming with their family instead of going to every birthday and holiday party. But the reason why I know it will be OK is because wherever Mike, Lorelei and Josie are…that’s home. It doesn’t matter where in the world. If I have them, I am home.

Anyway! Next Wednesday we set out! We arrive in Orlando, to temporary housing, on Thursday. I start my new job that following Monday. We still have to put our house in New Jersey on the market, and find a place in Orlando! Eventually, after our home in New Jersey is sold, we’ll look to buy a place of our own in the Orlando area, with plenty of room for our family and friends to come visit.

When it comes to blogging, it hasn’t been a priority. I spend most of my time taking care of the girls, doing errands or tasks associated with the new job or move, working my last days at my job, or working around the house to get ready for the move. But I had to squeeze in a little time to touch base with you. Life is so much more than the latest eye shadow palette. It’s more than the polish on my fingers. And I like to share that with you, because you know that, and if you’ve been with me for the more than nine years I’ve been around, you know that I don’t mind sharing the behind-the-scenes with you!

Speaking of the polish, here’s a snapshot of my nail polish stash now. It’s significantly less than it was when I started destashing. It’s the plastic shoe boxes, as well as the holographic bins. I’ve gotten rid of probably more than 25 plastic shoe boxes worth of polish. And I still have so much, lol.

I’ve already packed most of my makeup, too:

That black and white bag on the right is so heavy! It’s packed with eye shadow palettes. Since this photo, I actually split them up between two bags because I need to be able to carry them, lol! The brown/green/gray floral carry bag is full of lipstick…the blue backpack has highlighters…the plaid cosmetics bag is eyeliners…the Christmas tree bag is blushes and nail wraps/stickers/press-ons.

You can follow along with our journey south on Instagram (@beautyjudy). Perhaps I’ll do a periodic feature about the move. I’m sure I’ll definitely have beauty-related content as my skincare and hair care routines may change due to the new climate/environment. And I’ll be back on line and back to blogging as soon as we’re somewhat settled.

This week and next, I do expect to share new content with you – I have swatches and review of the China Glaze OMG! Flashback collection, as well as a review and look using the Native War Paint Indie Pickup contribution! I’ve also got some September Polish Pickup and Indie Pickup pretties, and a post about my road trip beauty essentials to prep!

You’ve been there with me through so many life changes. Thanks for sticking with me as life continues to go on and evolve with this big change. Cheers!