Road Trip Beauty & Style Essentials

Disclaimer: Some PR sample, see bottom

This is an exciting day for my family – we begin our journey to Florida for the next chapter of our lives!

Mike, Lorelei, Josie and I will be on the road for HOURS the next two days. We started our journey around midnight, anticipating that today we will arrive in South Carolina for an overnight stop. We’ll clock the most miles on our trip today.

Tomorrow, we will arrive at our extended-stay type hotel, where we’ll live until we can find a rental home!

While my makeup and nail stash have made the journey in the back of my SUV and in our U-Haul trailer, I am not reaching for any of it.

Does that surprise you? Probably not, right?! Who wants to worry about a full face of makeup driving with an antsy toddler and an infant all day?! I need some basics, and some comfort.

Check out what I’m wearing, and the beauty products I’m going to rely on for our 1,000 mile journey!

Homemade Essential Oil Toner Spray

A couple months ago, I made my own toner spray that is rosacea-friendly. It’s a combination of essential oils like Helichrysum, Lavender, Frankincense and Geranium, as well as 100% pure witch hazel. I use it every morning and sometimes at night.

Not only will I use this spray in the morning as part of my skincare routine before starting our drive each day, but I will keep it handy during the drive. It will make a nice, calming facial spray to refresh me hours into the drive, when the kids wake up and I’m a little road weary.

Lip Balm

I love my lipstick and lip gloss but since I won’t be wearing foundation on my trip, I’ll also be going natural on my lips; I’ll be wearing lip balm.

I’ve raved about this lip balm before, but I received the Chapstick Total Hydration 3 in 1 Lip Care balm in Blood Orange in a Target Beauty Box once and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It’s my go-to, no makeup day lippie. It’s perfect for my road trip!


I may have the air conditioner blasting the entire drive, but we’ll be stopping for bathroom and leg-stretching breaks, and I’ll want to protect my skin – as well as my toddler! I’ll have on hand a couple different sunscreens to help protect us as a family:

  • Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 50
  • Pixi Skintreats Sun Mist
  • Coopertone Sport SPF 50
  • Amore Pacific Sun Protection Mist SPF 30

I received the Amore Pacific spray in the Sephora Sun Care set this year. It makes my face look a bit oily but I’m going for protection not appearance!


My outfits have to be flexible and comfortable. Not restricting or too hot. I’ll be sitting most of the day, with breaks to let my toddler run off energy, change and feed the baby, etc.

On day one, since my drive starts so early, I wanted to wear something super comfy. I opted for light and comfortable shorts, a much lived-in T-shirt and slides. Even if I take photos along the way, I don’t want to be dressed up! I’m going to be exhausted, and driving overnight. Comfort ALL THE WAY. Here’s what I’m wearing day one:

  • Old Navy shorts purchased a couple months ago
  • A well-worn/loved maternity Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt purchased in the last year
  • Gray holo slides from Kohl’s purchased several months ago

On day two, I wanted to wear a tank top that called to me for its inspirational saying, knowing we want to take a family photo with our orange juice at the Florida Welcome Center when we cross into our new home state! So on day two I’ll again skip the makeup but be in:

  • Sonoma camo print shorts from Kohl’s (I can’t recall when I bought them!)
  • Inspirational tank top purchased in the last couple weeks from Kohl’s
  • Gray holo slides

Vera Bradley Cargo Sling

Over my maternity leave, I became truly obsessed with Vera Bradley bags for their comfort, light-weight feel and all the ways I can organize within the different bags!

I have a Vera Bradley Cargo Sling bag I picked up from one of the brand’s outlet shops, and it’s perfect for a road trip. While I’ll have my diaper bag with baby essentials, I don’t want to carry it in and out of rest stop bathrooms if I don’t have to, since I’ll likely also need my purse. This bag is large enough and organized enough that it will be ideal to throw a diaper, changing pad, wipes to take care of the baby, or clothes/pull-up for my toddler if she has an accident. I’ll also be putting some plastic baggies in my purse, in case there is an accident and I need to stash soiled clothes.

Prescription Sunglasses

Since I am not able to wear contacts anymore due to a condition with my corneas, I purchased a couple pairs of prescription sunglasses from online optical shops. I purchased a black pair from Firmoo, and a brown tortoise-looking pair from Zenni Optical.

I usually keep the black Firmoo pair in my car, so I’ll be purposely wearing the Zenni Optical specs because they don’t get as much love!

There are plenty of other essentials that I’ll have that day. Road snacks. Water. Good music.

What are your beauty and style road trip essentials? See anything here that you would use/wear?! I’d love to hear about them in the comments!