Remember This?! Sally Hansen Honeydew and Jamberry Gelato

Disclaimer: Jamberry Consultant, see bottom.

It’s been a hot minute since I featured an old nail polish in my series Remember This?! A New Series Of Old Nail Polish! It’s also “Junicorn” in my Jamberry world where we slay the unicorn wraps that have been discontinued that we hoard, vs. wear, because we’re afraid to run out of them. So I thought it would be appropriate to wear one of my unicorns (in June…Junicorn, get it? haha) coupled with an older polish that is a unicorn!

For this mani, I used Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in Honeydew – a beautiful chalkboard-green shimmer from a Tracy Reese collaboration in 2009, making this polish nine years old!

Jamberry Nail Wraps in Gelato, the nail wrap I paired with it, is a bit younger than Honeydew! I believe the last catalog this appeared in was Spring 2015, or Fall 2015. I got into Jamberry in Fall 2015 and purchased them sometime after that, so it was towards the beginning of my love affair!

Check out my look!

Honeydew applied easily and opaque in two coats! Gelato is a perfect compliment! I also think Gelato and Honeydew are perfect names for summer nails!

I want to keep Honeydew but I’m debating it; the cap is super sticky and it’s gross! It’s that smooth, soft black material that turns over time (this also happens to my NARS makeup and old Chi polishes I had). You can see how dust from a tissue got on the cap – I didn’t like how it stuck to my fingers when I painted my nails:

Do you remember either of these goodies?!

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