From Around The Makeup Show NYC Floor

The makeup show nyc

On May 6, I covered The Makeup Show NYC,

Earlier this week I shared a post about one of the keynotes, with Jordan Liberty. There were so many seminars, keynotes, panels and other education that covered a range of topics geared to help and inspire the professionals in attendance to better and grow their careers.

James Vincent is director of education and artistry for The Makeup Show and he’s introducing Jordan Liberty in the above photo.

The makeup show nyc

I love moments like the above; artists using products from brands that are selling at the show, creating beauty in the aisles, displaying their talents and the quality of the brands.

There is so much energy on the show floor at The Makeup Show NYC!

There were a handful of new brands this year, including Covergirl.


Covergirl wasn’t selling anything, but handed out eyebrow pencils and liquid lipsick or glosses to attendees that stopped by. The brand repped its new branding and slogan as it moves away from the slogan, “Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.” It’s new catchphrase is, “I am what I make up.”

What do you think of CG’s new slogan and new look?!

Breakups to Makeup had its awesome clothing and accessories for sale.

Some of the sayings that were on display are new:

This fold-over bag is so soft! I love the saying!!! It was on pre-order at the show:

It says “there’s a chance this is mostly makeup. Heck yes!

Pat McGrath Labs was constantly packed. I fought my way through the crowd to make a haul, and took some photos when I got up close!

I got the palettes on the right and left!

The pigments were beautiful; there’s also an eye gloss. I was tempted, but the truth is, an eye gloss is a gloss and I have hooded eyes: it’s not practical for me. But it sure is beautiful to look at. Here are some swatches!

I don’t even capture there the iridescence of the gloss, and the gloss over two of the shadows, or the Astral White Pigment (top right).

Also new to the show this year? Nude Stix.

I’ve typically thought of Nudestix as a brand marketed to Millennials. Everything is a stick/pencil, which actually makes a ton of sense for a makeup artist who can use products in different ways quickly. The brand told me that the products are designed for the wearer who likes to look nice but not spend a lot of time doing so.

In the above photo, artists are putting together the show special, which was six pencils of their choice for a special show price.

A brand I was excited to finally learn more about is  Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony. Created by James Vincent  – he’s the artist behind the educational program at The Makeup Show – and Jeremy Meek, Rebels and Outlaws is a completely unique concept to anything I’ve seen before; it’s all about setting up the intention and mood for the artist and their client with products that utilize essential oils and gem stones.

From the website, Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony is “An opportunity for creatives, caregivers and cool kids to set up a sacred space and makeup station to conjure up art and service your client with good energy and great product.”

The line includes candles that are designed to bring a fragrance and clarity to you. A hand sanitizer, toner sprays that are multi-purpose and quick-dry brush sanitizer. I picked up four bottles – two toners, the brush and hand sanitizers. I wish I’d picked up a candle, but you can order from the website. More to come on BeautyJudy about this brand, from a consumer perspective (because honestly couldn’t we ALL use a little clarity and intention when we are at work or focused on something?!)

I always stop by the Gleam by Melanie Mills booth! That feather palm tree – I wanted to take it home, lol!!

Melanie Mills introduced a new shade in her Gleam lineup: Opalescence.

Left to right: Opalescence (which also has a bit of pink to it, the lighting at the show here was a bit yellow), Peach, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold, Deep Gold and Disco Gold. This stuff blends and buffs out beautiful and is an amazing body product to give you a glow that stands up to sweat – it’s designed for performance.

I did some damage at the It Cosmetics booth, because I had to stock up and try some new things. Like founder Jamie Kern Lima, I have rosacea. So her brand is a natural fit for my skin care and her CC Cream is my go-to, Holy Grail foundation.

NEXT! I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of the Violet Voss pretties.

Standing in line at the Frends Beauty booth, there was a mass amount of Stilazzi eye shadows and blushes, and Viseart palettes.

Another new brand this year, Beauty Drugs, is an Italian brand but while it’s new to the U.S., it’s not new at all.

At the top of the photo is a swatch of the brand’s liquid liner, PinUp Liquid Eyeliner, which won’t seep into the crepe of your lid, they told me.

The brand has gorgeous iridescent beauty tools like those tweezers. Other products show: eye cream and brow pencils.

I thought the brand had unique products, like its toothpaste with silver and gold, and its bamboo tooth brush. There are eye masks, and I picked up a small bottle of the Beauty Drops serum and Magic Dust – a powder-to-liquid Vitamin C.

Brand Cao introduced a new product at the show.

The Liquid Mattes come in primary colors – as wells a gold and silver – as a pro makeup artist tool. An artist can create any shade for any part of the face with primary colors, including foundation; I actually know how to mix my own fair foundation using primary colors after taking a class last year at Kryolan!

There was so much more to see and do and this post doesn’t capture everything I did, but I wanted to give you a flavor for what the show was like. Check out that post on Jordan Liberty’s keynote, linked above, for his Instagram tips!

Have you ever been to a pro makeup artist educational event like The Makeup Show? What would you be most interested in, in attending a show like this, if you are not in the industry but love makeup?!