Color Street Nail Strips Wear Test

Disclaimer: Jamberry Consultant; see bottom

I’ve seen a lot over buzz on social media about Color Street Nail Polish Strips.

I know that Color Street is the direct sales-affiliated business of Incoco – which also sells nail polish strips for approximately $4.97at Walmart…while the Color Street strips range from $11 to $14, with a constant B3G1 deal, through consultants.

I know I like Incoco Nail Polish Strips. No question. Years ago, I ordered them from the Incoco website…I thought they were great.

But the huge price difference between Incoco’s nail polish strips and Color Street – made from the same brand – is what turned me off and kept me from ordering. Until recently, when curiosity got the better of me. A trusted nail polish friend raves about these strips, so I knew I had to give them a shot.

My friend – Maria, who owned Cult Nails…see why I trust her?! – sent me the link to a party that I could shop from, and I picked up four packs of strips. I prefer designs when I buy wraps/strips, so I only picked up strips that looked like nail art.

My first impression of shopping the site was mixed. I liked a few of the designs I saw, but I didn’t see enough designs; I wanted more choice. I don’t like buying wraps or strips in solid colors, which cut  back my choice selection. I did order some wraps from the spring launch. It was easy for me to only purchase the B3G1 and not splurge more.

The first set I used was this – Tempe Vibes. I really liked the look of this gold glitter and black glossy strip set, and couldn’t wait to try it.


I applied the strips as the brand recommends. I prepped my nails with the alcohol prep pad included in the package. I matched my nails to the appropriately-sized wrap and followed the instructions to take off the thin plastic cover from the strip, then took the strip off the backing. Each end of the wrap has a different curvature, so I chose the curvature I preferred and touched it to the nail near – but not on – the cuticle. You can tug these to eliminate wrinkles/bubbles, and I had the strip applied in seconds. I didn’t ruin the other side sticking beyond the nail – I cut it, and applied it to my other pinky – I’m not about to waste money! I couldn’t do this with every strip though.

I filed the excess off each nail with my own crystal nail file, shunning the mini emery board included in the strip pack.

This is what the wraps looked like – This is after I trimmed to put the other half on the other pinky. Note the different shape at the base of the nail?

Color Street Tempe Vibes wear test

I was super impressed with application. No heater required, like there is with Jamberry. I finished putting on my nail strips in less than 15 minutes. You could easily do this in the car on the way somewhere if you wanted! Here’s how it looked when I was done:

Here’s a random photo of my application aftermath, lol:

(I couldn’t use both ends of the strips that fit my thumbs, they weren’t long enough)


On day 1 of wearing the wraps, less than 24 hours after application, I had tip wear. I sorta already had it after I applied it, from filing off the excess strips.

I also had a random chip in my left hand ring finger, although a closer look at my application and I can see that I had it from the get-go.

My wear stayed pretty constant for a few days, and here’s day 6 of wear on my left hand, right hand and thumbs:

I also took a closeup of the area where I had my first chip:

These definitely chipped and wore, but I didn’t think it looked horrible in everyday life the way it does in these photos. Perhaps if it’d been a dark color strip, it would have looked awful.

Elephant in my nail room

So, I’ve been wearing Jamberry nail wraps constantly since October 2015, and selling them since January 2016 (although not aggressively – I’m not a fan of pushy direct sales consultants so why be one?!). So I couldn’t help but compare Color Street Nail Polish Strips with my much-loved Jamberry Nail Wraps. And I had to bring this up, because it would be awkward if I didn’t. We all know these are competition for Jamberry in the direct sales space, and I’m a Jamberry consultant – it’d be disingenuous to skate over that.

Here’s the Jamberry nail wrap mani I wore following this Color Street mani; I did this mani at night, and took the pic before getting out of bed in the AM:

This is after five days of wear:

Since Color Street was fresh on my mind while wearing this mani, I mentally compared the two several times. Here are some thoughts:

  • Jamberry nail wraps, for me, don’t always wear smoothly from the tip on some nails, Color Street wore smoothly on all fingers. Usually it’s just a slight uneven application causing the wrap to bulge and feel rough, even with tip wear, with Jamberry.
  • Color Street seriously lacks variety. I felt like there weren’t enough designs that piqued my interest. Jamberry excels at offering variety, and in a variety of finishes.
  • Color Street was easier to apply. No heater required. Smoother. I had to practice with Jamberry wraps, because they are not nail polish.
  • With Jamberry wraps, I get two nails out of one wrap. Color Street is not as cost-effective.
  • Jamberry wraps are not made of real nail polish, so they won’t dry out like Color Street strips.
  • For me, removal takes about the same time for the Jamberry wraps and Color Street strips. You remove the strips like polish. I lift the side of my wrap and use a cotton ball soaked in wrap/polish remover to gently remove Jamberry wraps from one side of the nail to the other. It’s a quick process.
  • With removal of Color Street, there’s really no chance to damage your nails. Unless you understand and adhere to proper removal of Jamberry wraps, you can damage the surface of your nail.

To be honest, I find benefits to both and I like them both. I’m going to keep on wearing and buying Jamberry wraps but I will likely get my fix for nail polish strips from the nail aisle at Walmart.

Have you tried Color Street Nail Polish Strips?

Disclaimer: I am a consultant with Jamberry. If you make a purchase through one of my links, I will receive commission. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!