Sampling KBShimmer’s Updated Hand & Body Scents!

Disclaimer: PR sample, see bottom

One of the major overhauls KBShimmer did to the brand was revamp its body care collection!

While the products are still the same, the scents have be updated!

From the brand: “We have freshened up our hand and body care section with seven scent offerings, including unscented and four new scents,” said Christy Rose, of KBShimmer, in a news alert. “Each features an oil and water resistant label with holographic accents.  We reformulated our lotion to be vegan, our mani shots to be more moisturizing, and our entire product line is completely vegan and cruelty free.”

I’ve used KBShimmer body products in the past, so I’ll link to my reviews with each of these products I’ve got below. New-to-me products are the body lotion and sugar scrub, so I’ll share a bit more about them as I feature the packaging and scents.

The scents include (descriptions of new scents from KBShimmer’s website!):

  • Blushed Orchid (new) – “That first flower plucked from the garden, that prom corsage nervously pinned on, those lush orchids blooming in windowsills with shades of peach, pink, purple and white, floral scents can invoice so many memories. Blushed Orchid Lotion is the ideal floral scent for those that want a hit of freshness and nature, without smelling like a nursery. Sweet orchid notes lift this dainty scent up, while hints of pear nectar perfectly blend with sandalwood and soft amber for a sensual scent that any women would love.”
  • Just Beachy (new) – “Fresh from the market, juicy watermelon, sticky cantaloupe, and pure sugarcane blend in this beachy scent. With its fruity sweet succulent notes, Just Beachy is the perfect blend of frozen drink and tropical island with blooms of lilies and orchids, salty ocean breezes and pure white sand rounding out this breezy luscious scent. One whiff of this scent and you will feel you are lounging on a tropical beach.”
  • Tide Me Over (new) – “Waves crashing against the shore, a glass of fresh coconut water and sandals lay next to the hammock where relaxation and daydreaming are the norm. Tide Me Over invokes the feel of those shore side days, starting with notes of fresh coconut. Then creamy shea butter softens this blend along with notes of sensual sandalwood and sea salt. Tide Me Over will take you away to a place where the days are slow and the sun tickles your skin.”
  • Deep Cashmere (new) – “Rich, soft, and luxurious, the feel of cashmere can invoke deep feelings of beauty and warmth. Deep Cashmere starts with notes of cashmere musk, rich in depth, the musk notes brings a sublet sexiness to this fragrance. Juicy peaches and golden pears lighten offer a hint of sweetness, while exotic vanilla bean adds a hint of touch of spice and warmth to round out this sumptuous scent.”
  • Barely There – unscented
  • Pink Sugar
  • Raspberry Vanilla

Let’s take a closer look at the rebranding and some of the new scents!

Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream

I reviewed Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream here, and love it. I even use it as a hand lotion in a pinch, it’s really nice to the touch and isn’t greasy or oily. In picking up a new cuticle cream with the new branding and scents, I chose Just Beachy.

Just Beachy is a strong scent out of the tube, and reminds me of a nautical men’s cologne (in a general sense!). KBShimmer scents are not overpowering to me, because I find them enjoyable. But they are strong and they will linger. I’m happy with this scent choice in the cuticle cream!

Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream is $4.50 on the KBShimmer website.

Cuticle Oil

I’m also a big fan of KBShimmer’s cuticle oil pens, because they’re so slim and easy to toss in a small bag or my pocket for quick moisturizing touch-ups. I have no shame, I will sit on conference calls at my desk and moisturize my cuticles as I listen and contribute. No shame! I’ve reviewed KBShimmer cuticle oil here and here, so I won’t go too into my preference for it! Here’s the ingredients:

As for this new Blushed Orchid scent, I like it. I don’t gravitate towards florals, but this is a sweet, crisp floral, it almost reminds me a little of the Pink Sugar scent with a twist.

Cuticle Oil is $6 on the KBShimmer site.

Sugar Scrub

The KBShimmer Sugar Scrub is quite simply divine. While I used KBShimmer sugar scrub a few years ago (read here), it’s been awhile and I of course assume things can change to formula as well as packaging etc. over that kind of time. But I liked it then, too.

Here’s the ingredients on this one – Tide Me Over is the scent I chose:

Here is a little bit, out of the tub:

And here I’ve gotten it wet and rubbed it, so you can see the granular pieces of sugar:

The best part about this was the scent I chose. This beachy scent is strong in the shower and lingered gently on my skin for hours after, I could still catch whiffs of it hours later on my arms. It did a nice job of contributing to the overall softness of my elbows, something that’s been plaguing me this winter.

This is a different shore/beach/summer scent than Just Beachy, and I think I prefer it. But it still evokes a vision of the shore line and a walk along the boardwalk!

I need ALL the things in the Tide Me Over scent.

The Sugar Scrubs are $10 on the site.

Body Lotion

I don’t generally gravitate towards unscented products, but in trying KBShimmer’s Hand and Body Lotion, I chose Barely There, which has no added fragrance.

And it literally smells like nothing to me, which is great news for those who are scent-sensitive! Check out the ingredients:

And here’s how it looks:

The Hand and Body Lotion is a thick moisturizer. I’ve been using it on my hands and arms (with a focus on my elbows!) before I go to bed and it absorbs nicely. This was also a great lotion to take to the hospital and to use as I care for my newborn; I don’t want to overwhelm her with scents!

The Hand and Body Lotion is $10 on the site.

Overall, I love the new packaging, and I love the new scents! I want to try Deep Cashmere, and I want to order a Hand and Body Lotion in Tide Me Over to complement my Sugar Scrub!

Does anything from the new scent lineup appeal to you?! Have you tried KBShimmer’s hand and body products yet?

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