Review: Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint

Nothing to Disclose.

kristen ess rose gold temporary tint beautyjudy

I first heard about Kristen Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint from a coworker, and I was immediately intrigued. I haven’t dyed my hair in months, and while I’m itching to play, I’m just not ready to go back to the salon yet for something drastic.

This Temporary Tint seemed perfect for my situation, and I snatched it up at Target a few weeks back, and I’ve been experimenting ever since!

Rose Gold Temporary Tint is perfect for pre-lightened or highlighted blonde hair, and provides an instant blush hue that lasts one to two shampoos, depending on how porous your hair is.

Application is meant for the shower so that you get a “watercolor” blush effect, but while in-shower use will create a subtle watercolor look, you can use it on towel-dried, damp hair for more blush – or on dry hair for a more pink effect.

Before I talk application and experience, let me share ingredients:

kristen ess rose gold temporary tint beautyjudy

As you can see from “fragrance” as one of the early ingredients…this spray has a scent. It’s a strong, sweet hair spray-type of scent. It smells good to me, like my hair after a hair appointment.

OK. So the first time I used this, I took it in the shower with me like it recommends. I followed the instructions, shampooing my hair, then rinsing it. I took the spray and used it all over my hair. It comes out like a mist, throwing larger droplets around the shower. Important to note that while messy, it also easily rinses and washes off of your shower walls/shower curtain, your clothes and your bathroom walls. Trust me, I know this after much experimentation, lol!

I waited a couple minutes, then I rinsed and followed up with my conditioner.

Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve the results I wanted – I wanted a more noticeable blush than I got. I got a very subtle effect, which makes sense, because the more your hair is absorbing water, the less it’s absorbing of the dye. I had a feeling this would happen, but I wanted to put the product through its paces in all ways.

This is what my hair looked like after using it in the shower, and following up with a little on my towel-dried hair:

It’s amazing that it looks like highlights, but sparse and few between.

So since the water application didn’t achieve a strong-enough look for me, I switched gears. I applied it to my wet hair after my shower. I wrapped my towel around my shoulders to do this after realizing – duh – I was getting it all over my shirt and neck. But again, important to note in case you think you’ve stained something – this easily washed out for me, even if it was messy because of the mist nature of it.

kristen ess rose gold temporary tint beautyjudy

Still sorta subtle, but better!

Then I started to apply this to my dry hair. And THAT’S my preferred application. Again, using the towel around my shoulders and taking care to clean up around me in the bathroom where I may have mistakenly sprayed a wall…I love the washed out pink this gives me.

kristen ess rose gold temporary tint beautyjudy

I should have concentrated it more on the back of my head in the above photo, but that’s OK!

kristen ess rose gold temporary tint beautyjudy

My hair is interesting to try this on, because it was bleached a long time ago, probably a year or so ago, before I got pregnant with our second daughter. I’ve gone back to the salon to try and match my overall hair color to my roots to try and make the grow-out bearable, which you can see is growing in at a more brunette or darker blonde color (with silver and gray sprinkled all over like tinsel – ugh!).

The spray sticks to the blonde, bleached strands, but doesn’t stick the same to the root color, if at all, because it’s too dark for the product’s intended blush. But it still does creep up there, and applying it dry, and intensely, helps it take. I know root growth isn’t supposed to be pretty but I love the multiple tones my hair has when I use the Rose Gold Temporary Tint with it!

Since this is a mist I find it easier to spray all over than to try and highlight specific chunks, but noticed that it seems to pick up that way on my hair, anyway. I have to remember to lift my hair and get other layers, too, and I haven’t sprayed much around my face yet (hence really no forward-facing shots yet!).

This product generally comes out of my hair in one or two washes, depending on how heavy-handed I am with application. But even with dry application, it comes out in up to two washes.

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint is $12 for a 7 oz aerosol can at Target. I think in stores it’s hard to find, at least locally to me! I found it by chance at one of my local Targets but haven’t found it in stock again since – I’m glad I bought a back-up can at the time!

I’ve used my first can four or five times since purchasing it and I still have a lot of product left in it.

I would recommend this temporary tint, but would just caution that it’s messy, and that you might need to play with it to find your perfect application for the effect that you want from it!

Have you seen this product at Target? Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!