Love Beauty & Planet Creamy Body Scrub Review

Disclosure: PR Sample, see bottom.

I don’t blog about bath and body products much, but the truth is, I’m a junkie, and I’m particularly obsessed with scent!

I’m picky about scent, too. I generally dislike (but not always) citrus/orange or rose-scented things. I don’t want something that smells like the plastic bottle it comes in, or something that smells like chemicals.

I don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning and for me, the scent of my body wash, scrub or shampoo is the easiest way I can pamper myself.

Enter Love Beauty & Planet, a new line of hair and body products from Unilever. I spotted an end cap of these goodies at my local Target, and have so far been thrilled not only with what I bought, but also with what I’ve been sent to sample from the company.

I will have a few reviews of some of these products over the coming weeks – shampoos and conditioners, body washes, dry shampoos – but I want to focus today on the gentle Sugar & Rose Peace and Glow Creamy Body Scrub! This is the first product I tried from the brand.

Before I jump into describing the scrub and sharing my experience with it, let me tell you a little about this new brand, which is why I’m providing that label shot above.

About Love Beauty & Planet (LBP)

Love Beauty & Planet (LBP) launched in January at mass retailers like Target and Walmart. LBP is not just marketing the quality of the products it makes, but as a good societal partner, it offers explanations of how the brand considers the environmental impact not only of the packaging, but the product they put inside of it. The brand’s hair conditioners, for example, promise a “fast-rinse technology” so you use less water to take your shower. This was possibly the most interesting thing I read about the brand, and what made me eager to try it.

Also, as you can see on the label, LBP is focused on ethical, cruelty-free products in environmentally-friendly tubs and bottles. (Quick note regarding cruelty-free – I do not specialize in this but understand Unilever as a parent company is not considered cruelty-free. I’m merely noting the LBP remark that they do not test on animals.)

The container/bottle labels are even made with a certain type of adhesive to help them separate cleanly from the bottle during the recycling process.

LBP uses ethically-sourced ingredients like the rose used in this creamy scrub, avoids sulfates and parabens, and chooses mild cleansers for its products.

Creamy Scrub

Check out the ingredients on the Creamy Scrub:

Like I said in the beginning – I’m generally not a fan of rose-scented products. However, there are exceptions. Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist, for example. It’s rose water-based and it’s wonderful.

So is LBP’s Creamy Body Scrub (which also has citrus oils in it).

Unlike other sugar scrubs I own, this one seems to be more milled, if that makes sense. It’s gritty but in a very fine way.

You can see the granularity here in this photo, where I’ve wet some of the scrub and rubbed it.

Because of the gentle nature of this scrub, I can use it often on my body without irritation. I like using it on my chest, and in the short period of time I’ve been using it – a couple weeks – it has helped my elbows soften. The dry patches on my forearms I’ve been slowly eliminating with a homemade body butter more quickly cleared up once I started using this scrub.

The rose scent is light but heady, and I also catch the scent of the coconut oil and murumuru butter immediately following the rose. It doesn’t stay on my skin long into the morning at all, and is extremely soft on my skin when I leave the shower.

I have never used such a moisturizing scrub. While it uses oils, it’s not an oily moisture that is left behind. Your skin is simply comfortable and hydrated.

You get 9.17 oz. of scrub for $8.99 retail. LBP can be found at Target and Walmart. I purchased my LBP at Target although I received this scrub from the company for consideration. Read more about the product here on the LBP website here!

I will most definitely purchase a new jar of this scrub. Confession: I already had a tub of it when the samples arrived at my house, so I’ve got an automatic backup, and I’m very happy!

Have you tried any LBP products yet? What do you think of this scrub?!

Disclaimer: I received the LBP creamy body scrub for honest consideration from the brand/PR. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!