Feb 09 2018

Mehron Brazen Mascara

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Mehron Brazen Mascara review and wear test beautyjudy

I picked up Mehron Makeup‘s new Brazen Mascara at The Makeup Pop-Up Shop in New York City this past December. I’ve been using it as part of my regular rotation recently (which also includes DiorShow and Urban Decay Troublemaker).

About Brazen, Mehron says:

“The special nylon-infused formula creates gorgeous volume by clinging to the finest of lashes allowing for maximum extension. From root to tip your lashes are coated in a beautiful jet black, water-resistant mascara that is feather light and extremely long-wearing. The flexible bristle brush fans out each individual lash for a smooth, even, effortless application. Contains the nourishing properties of Vitamin E. Sold in a unique tube container, Brazen holds .32 oz. of product for extended use.”

Ingredients are:

Mehron Brazen Mascara review and wear test beautyjudy

I generally shy away from plastic bristle mascara brushes and gravitate towards fluffy bristles. That’s why I love DiorShow so much. But I made the impulse decision to give this a shot, and banked on the formula and the solid performance I get from the other Mehron products I own. Check out the brush:

Mehron Brazen Mascara review and wear test beautyjudy

Here are my (pitiful!), plain lashes before mascara application (excuse the brows!):

Mehron Brazen Mascara review and wear test beautyjudy

Here is the mascara after one coat:

Mehron Brazen Mascara review and wear test beautyjudy

Here it is after two coats:

Mehron Brazen Mascara review and wear test beautyjudy

After I finish applying it, it looks great:

Mehron Brazen Mascara review and wear test beautyjudy

I love this mascara, but it does give me raccoon eyes. Here’s a shot of my eye after wearing it all day. Truthfully, the smudging doesn’t just happen at the end of the day, it happens in the middle of the day and I’ve found myself using a wet paper towel to clean it up.

Mehron Brazen Mascara review and wear test beautyjudy

It doesn’t smudge on me as badly as Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara does. I absolutely loved the results of that mascara but it smudged so badly on me I looked awful smack in the middle of the day. Even the waterproof version did it! I couldn’t continue using it.

So since it’s not that bad, I still wear this mascara, and just remember to check on the smudging. I don’t wear it when I know I have an important meeting or get together. But I will still wear it to work. For this reason, I will not likely repurchase it, but I will use it as part of my rotation because I spent money on it, and want to get use out of it.

I have also cried while wearing this mascara (toddlers gonna tod and wear a momma down!) and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have streaks of black running down my face.

You can find Mehron Makeup Brazen Mascara here on the brand’s site for $12.95.

Have you heard or or even tried Brazen?

  • http://www.casualcontrast.com Emily Draher • Casual Contrast

    This looks really nice, but it’s a bummer you get some smudging by the end of the day…

  • Ehmkay Nails

    I haven’t heard of this brand but the smudging is a disappointment

  • Yvette Price

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but I do like the brush. I need a formula that lasts all day though and raccoon eyes are a no no. I already have dark circles.

  • Declare Your Heart of Gold Blo

    I’ve never heard of this brand before I read your post, but thank you for informing me. I’m not very big on mascara that crumbles, but if it didn’t leave black streaks on your face after you’ve cried…I may just have to check it out for myself! (I’m a student teacher so I, too, feel the tears sometimes, HA!)

  • http://www.polishgalore.com/ PolishGalore

    I hadn’t heard of this brand before and while I’m glad it didn’t streak that sucks that it gave you racoon eyes!

  • http://www.25sweetpeas.com 25 Sweetpeas

    No streaks is always a good thing!! I’ve learned this week that my eyeliner is not waterproof lately!

  • http://www.thefabzilla.com Kathryne

    Smudging is always an issue with me. I like the lengthening this mascara gave your lashes

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I’ve not tried this mascara yet although it is one I want to try. I’ve been having lots of trouble with smudging mascaras, and since I switched over to tube mascaras, I may have a difficult time with this.

  • Kristi Vasquez

    I like the packaging so that it seems like you can utilize the entirety of the product. Bummer about the smudging, I always get that during the hot Arizona summers. It just melts off my face. LOL

  • marciaf

    Luckily I haven’t had a lot of smudging with mascara so I might have good luck with this. TF Better Than Sex doesn’t smudge on me at all. Your lashes look great with two coats so I’d keep at it if I were you.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I’m really interested in Mehron makeup especially the cream shadows. And I like the look of the wand, but the raccoon eyes is so disappointing. Your lashes looked great with two coats. I’m sorry it smudges.

  • http://www.modelcitypolish.com/ Nina at Model City

    I am a mascara junkies so I will have to certainly check this one out! I love that it didn’t smudge, even after a toddler stress induced day!!!

    • BeautyJudy

      I mentioned that it did smudge, which is why I won’t repurchase it but it doesn’t smudge as bad as other mascaras like TF Better Than Sex