One Week Wear Test: Essie Treat Love & Color

Nothing to disclose.

Essie Treat Love Color Laven-dearly Wear test on beautyjudy

Last week I decided to start the New Year off with a work-week-long wear test with one of the Essie Treat Love & Color nail polishes.

There are much more opaque colors than the one I chose, including cremes and shimmers, but I decided that after so many dark, sparkly and opaque holiday manis, a sheer, pearly finish really appealed to me.

With the shade Laven-dearly on my digits, I really hoped for the change Essie promises with this polish treatment, because my nails have not benefited from pregnancy the way they’re “supposed” to!

About TLC

Essie Treat Love Color Laven-dearly Wear test on beautyjudy

According to the labeling of the polish, the formula Essie has put together took five years of research. You don’t need a base or top coat, the brand says, just two coats for a week, take it off, reapply for another week and so on, and so on.

Essie claims that within one week of use, you will see improvement in the strength of your nails, with 60 percent less peeling and 35 percent less breakage.

Personal Experience

Let me outline the state of my nails, so you can understand why I wanted to try this product, and I can be specific on whether it helped. Despite being in the third trimester of pregnancy and taking prenatal vitamins (I struggled with nail health in my first pregnancy, too), my nails are:

  • Peeling. It’s one of my biggest nail concerns over the years, not just right now.
  • Thin. My nails are thin from peeling and not very strong. My thumb and pinky nails seem to be stronger than the other three nails on each hand, with less peeling and more strength.
  • Dehydrated. While Jamberry nail wraps do not impact my nails themselves (I long ago perfected proper removal!), the prep seems to have taken a toll. From dehydrating my nails with alcohol/nail prep prior to application, my nail surface feels textured; like the enamel is worn off. Basically, my nails feel dry whenever they are naked.
  • Easily broken. The peeling and lack of strength, especially on my index, middle and ring fingers, means those nails break all the time, and I have very short nails (I can’t stand when some nails are different lengths than others!)

TLC targets at least three of my four issues, so I was happy to try it. My only regret in this wear test is that I did not take a “before” shot of my nails.


Application/Day 1

Essie Treat Love Color Laven-dearly Wear test on beautyjudy

I applied Laven-dearly Sunday, December 31, around 8:40 p.m. As recommended on the package, I used two coats of Laven-dearly to clean, dry nails. Those two coats went on quick and easy.

While watching “Die Hard 4” – our New Year’s Eve was very quiet! – I let my nails dry. After 10/15 minutes, they were still sticky/tacky to the touch. I didn’t touch them again until bedtime and they were fine.

The next morning, I could tell there was a very sheer, milky and in some lighting, pearly coating on my nails. The finish was not glossy.

Day 2

Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy

The finish appeared glossier on day 2 of wear (January 2), but the manicure already had signs of wear. I had chips on about four nails, one chip in particular that looked like it would peel (both the polish and my nail).

Day 3

Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy
Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy

I noticed that the polish really started wearing off at the tips on day 3. And where the polish chipped, my nails were peeling, too. I was itching to change them on day 3, because I don’t normally sport sheer nails, and I’m skeptical of the help this is capable of giving me.

Day 4

Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy
Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy

On day 4, I really wanted to remove this polish. I broke two nails, and had chips on two others. And where the polish was peeling, particularly on my right hand middle finger, so was my nail. My opinion on day 4: This is either completely ineffective for me, or perhaps I should adjust how I use the product and increase the frequency of application (a new coat every three days?). Perhaps I should consider removing and reapplying the polish every three or four days to have a better shot of it working for me.

Another factor could be the extreme cold temperatures I’m experiencing in New Jersey that is zapping the moisture from my skin – however, I’ve been routine about applying a shea butter, coconut oil and lavender eessential oil body butter to my hands three or more times a day.

One more possibility – I’m anemic this pregnancy and my lack of iron stores could be affecting my nail health. So lots of variables here.

Day 5

Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy
Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy

At day 5, the end of my wear test, I was so ready to move on! I broke multiple nails throughout the day, including a pinky and a ring finger on my right hand. I filed down more little dings on the nails that didn’t break – yet – including my index finger on the right hand.

Excitedly, I removed Laven-dearly around on Friday, January 5, at 6 p.m. My nails were stubby, peeling, and no better off than they were December 31.

Here’s my final results, naked nails:

Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy
Essie Laven-Dearly Treat Love & Color wear test on beautyjudy


Based on my individual experience, here are my thoughts on this Essie Treat Love & Color nail polish treatment:

  • It didn’t wear well on me, starting to peel/chip after day 1.
  • It didn’t prevent my nails from having peels, even while wearing it. In fact, I ended the wear test with as many peels as I started.
  • I broke almost every nail.
  • I had dents in multiple nails that required filing.
  • My nails do not seem stronger.
  • My nails still feel a bit dehydrated (although I did not read anything about this product promising hydration, and do not count that against this product! I just wanted to make note of it since I made note of the issue above), but honestly they feel better than they usually do without polish on them. I think the lack of alcohol prep helped with this.
  • I will not repurchase this product.

I paid $10 for Laven-dearly, and I’m considering returning it to Walgreens, where I purchased it, because I am unimpressed based on this wear test.

Again – this is my experience and my wear test, and cold weather or even my anemia could be a factor in my nail health. But upon first, week-long impression, this is a no-go.

I would love to hear from someone whose nail health was boosted from this product! Tell me your successes! Or, did you have a similar experience to mine? Are my nails just too far gone?!

Either way, let me know what you think of Essie’s TLC in the comments!