How do you #LuvOutLoud ?

Disclaimer: Gift from NYX Cosmetics

nyx cosmetics luv out loud lipstick swatches on beautyjudy

NYX Cosmetics has a new, limited-edition, six-shade range of liquid lipsticks called Luv Out Loud – and while the brand is always launching something new, this particular set of lippies celebrate individuality, beauty and artistry for all, according to NYX.

Back-of-the-hand swatch of all six:

nyx cosmetics luv out loud lipstick swatches on beautyjudy

From left to right: Brave, Passionate, Fearless, Extraordinary, Brilliant and Confident.

These are strongly-pigmented lipsticks that don’t quite dry down all the way to matte, which makes them comfortable for me to wear and gives them a bit more of a sheen than a true matte liquid lipstick would. They are not glossy.

Something I noticed very strongly with the deeper purples was the smell; these lippies smell a bit like plastic; some kind of chemical. There is no hint of vanilla or pleasant scent. The lighter shades, like Confident, aren’t as strong with the scent as Brave and Passionate, for example.

Wear time was very good with all of them. I got a solid five hours of wear (I hardly ever reapply my lippies after lunch anymore!) although the darker ones tend to show their wear on the inner rim of your mouth quicker.

These are not transfer proof, but the transfer onto, for example, my coffee cup isn’t quite as bad for me as with liquid lipsticks that don’t dry down at all; it seems that the partial dry-down helps them to eliminate some transfer.

How about some lip swatches? I’ll do color descriptions with each one and make notes on any individual shades as needed!


nyx cosmetics luv out loud lipstick in brilliant swatches on beautyjudy

Brilliant is one of my favorites of these lipsticks. It’s a rosy nude that pulls a bit deep against my fair skin, and it’s a great fall pick.


nyx cosmetics luv out loud lipstick in brave swatches on beautyjudy

Brave…something I was not in wearing this! Brave is a beautiful blackened plum – on me it looks royal purple. It’s gorgeous. However, I didn’t have the guts to wear it. I put it on, took pictures, and wiped it off with a Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelette (I keep a travel pack in my makeup bag always!). I would like to be more “Brave,” and give this color a proper try-out when I can pull together the right face and eye look. I don’t often reach for shades like this, but at the same time, I want to make them work!


nyx cosmetics luv out loud lipstick in fearless swatches on beautyjudy

Fearless was another shade I didn’t think would work for me, but I was “Fearless” enough to try and wear it! This dusty lavender scored me multiple compliments during my work day, and I was shocked! I confessed to a colleague that I was nervous about wearing such a shade to work and she responded that I should wear it much more often. Wow. If that doesn’t encourage one to step outside their comfort zone, I don’t know what is! I should take that advice for “Brave,” too…


nyx cosmetics luv out loud lipstick in extraordinary swatches on beautyjudy

Hands-down, Extraordinary is my favorite. It’s a gorgeous magenta hue that worked well with my pale skin tone. This was the first one I wore, and no doubt will wear it many more times!


nyx cosmetics luv out loud lipstick in confident swatches on beautyjudy

Second favorite! Confident is a fantastic pale nude for me. It’s the kind of color that you wear with a bold eye look, or just because you like the look! I personally paired it with a soft green, brown and gold look from the Pur Cosmetics My Little Pony collaboration eye shadow palette.This one seemed to dry down more for me than the others.


nyx cosmetics luv out loud lipstick in passionate swatches on beautyjudy

Passionate is a deep violet shade, the kind of wine lip that goes perfect with sweater weather and cool September nights. This was easy to apply, and wore as well as the others, although with the darker shades you notice the wear quicker from the inner part of your mouth out.

All six lipsticks can be found on the NYX Cosmetics website here for $7 a piece, as well as on the Ulta website.

Do any of these pique your interest? Which one best describes you?

Disclaimer: I received the Luv Out Loud lippies for honest consideration by the brand. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!