Beauty Tool Favs

I bought this.

Favorite beauty tools

I have my favorite brushes, and my favorite lipsticks, but I also have some favorite beauty tools and I thought I’d talk about them today!

Tweezerman Promaster Lash Curler

This eyelash curler is EPIC!

Do you have almond-shaped or deep set eyes? If you’ve used a regular-shaped eyelash curler, chances are at some point, you’ve pinched your skin.

Enter Promaster.

With this lash curler, I have NEVER pinched my sensitive under eye skin.

Excuse the blurriness, but here’s a comparison shot I took at IMATS in April, where I bought the curler. Regular curler on the right, Promaster on the left!

beauty tools beautyjudy

The Promaster retails for $22 according to the Tweezerman site, although I paid less because I bought it at a trade show. It is WORTH the money, if you have eyes like I do and you are tired of pinching your skin but still want to curl your lashes!

Lil’ Scrubbies

lil' scrubbies beauty tools beautyjudy

Lil’ Scrubbies Facial Cleansing Pads were a random find at Walmart. I was shopping along, looking for something completely different, and I saw a string of these hanging in front of a display. The price was right, at $2.48.

I use these along with my facial cleanser, and gently massage my face in circular motions as I cleanse. It’s a very gentle way to stimulate my skin and cleanse my face! Here’s a demo of how I use them, and the little suction cup on the back that makes it easy to stick them on the wall of your shower!

Lil Scrubbies are $2.48 and can be found here on the Walmart site.

Precision Folding Brow Razor

I can’t stand using the eyebrow razors that come in a three pack, that you can buy for $3 or $4 bucks.I find the long, hard plastic handles inflexible and hard to maneuver around my brows.

Enter Precision Folding Brow Razor. I use the small brush at the end to comb my brow hairs, and the razor makes quick work cleaning up my T-zone and brown bone.

I also use this razor to shave the small, fine hairs around my lips. Perhaps gross to admit, but I’ve used it to shave the hair off the top of my big toe, lol.

I cleanse the razor after every use with alcohol.

The Precision Folding Brow Razor retails for $12 on the Tweezerman site. I picked it up at IMATS so I paid a lower price. But I will replace this, for sure. It has become a multi-purpose hair remover for me!

These are just some of my favorite beauty tools that aren’t brushes! I want to get the Facial Dermaplaner from Tweezerman next!

What favorite beauty tools do you use?!