Apr 02 2017

These products are missing the mark for me right now

We’ve all experienced products that just underwhelm us. We buy them expecting them to be something – to be this or that – but then they’re not.

I’ve been trying a lot of products lately – so I put together a video where I show and talk about some of the products that aren’t quite hitting the mark for me.

Check it out! Let me know what you think – have you had a similar feeling about the products, too? Or, what’s missing the mark for YOU lately?

  • robin

    Fun video Judy!!! I enjoyed watching. I thought I was the only one with problems with OGX shampoo. I bought the Pink Sugar Plum and I do like it but so freaking hard to get out of the bottle!!! I thought the same thing about a cold bathroom, but my other shampoos and body wash were fine, so now I know it isn’t my bathroom, its something in the shampoo. I haven’t tried any of the other products since I am on a serious no buy, but I have not heard anything good about the Sephora lip powders from other Youtubers or bloggers. I do remember a product like this was out when I younger and I am pretty sure that it was a mainstream drugstore brand. Might have been Cover Girl and probably early 80’s doesn’t sounds like this one is much better than the early version.

    • BeautyJudy

      Oh my gosh I’m glad I was the only one with OGX!!! And I’m glad to hear my thoughts are aligned with others on the lip powders. I haven’t heard or seen any reviews but I’ll have to search on YT!!