Saturday at IMATS NYC

MBA cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Pressed glitter from MBA Cosmetics on display at IMATS NYC 2017.

I’ve been covering IMATS NYC for a few years now, and every time I go I’m always on the lookout for favorite brands that have a new product, or new brands that intrigue me. I hit up some education and I catch up with beauty industry friends while doing a healthy amount of shopping!

This year I only covered the show Saturday. We had a surprise birthday party for my aunt yesterday and I didn’t get an invite to pro night this year, so I made the most of my time at the show Saturday and had a blast! I definitely found a little bit of everything interesting this last Saturday and I’ll start off with some random show observations first!

I thought the crowd was a little lighter this year. Yes, there were brands with huge lines – there were long lines all day for Kat Von D, Juvia’s Place, Beautylish (featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics), Anastasia Beverly Hills and others. Perhaps the most epic line of the day went to Morphe. It was a two-hour wait at one point and I heard they closed the line a couple hours before the show ended. But the crowd didn’t seem as intensely packed as previous years. In the largest area of the floor, it DID feel congested, waiting for people to pass before you could, etc., because it was jam-packed with people. I was happy I didn’t have to wait in a tremendously long line for a bite to eat at the cafe area they set up.

When all is said and done, my biggest regret is that I didn’t sit in on more education sessions. When I go to pro night, that’s when I shop and network, and this year I had to do everything in one day, and I had to find a balance. So know that I’m bringing you only a glimpse of everything that happened, and from my perspective wandering the show!

I’ll break it down by brands and experiences!

Education – Eve Pearl Gives Bridal Makeup Tips

Eve Pearl bridal makeup IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Eve Pearl was incredibly engaging, funny and quick during her bridal makeup session Saturday. She brought two models up from the crowd, and demonstrated for the crowd of artists some quick tips for flawless big day makeup.

Eve Pearl bridal makeup IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

What impressed me most was how unflappable she was. She ran late to the session, but she shared a wealth of information. And both her models already had full faces of makeup – but she just demonstrated right over top!

Here’s a few of her tips:

  • Carry a foldable razor to trim excess hair from brows. Sometimes – and especially on women like me with lighter hair – there will be invisible hair around the brow that you can quickly shave off.
  • Park Ave Rose, from her lipstick line, is her go-to lip color for brides of every skintone and age (not shown on the model above at that point – that was the model’s own lip color).
  • She recommended a variety of tips to makeup artists for managing bridal makeup, like charging a basic rate for three people per job
  • Use a priming moisturizer first.

Eve also demonstrated tips to accentuate face structure through reverse contouring, and tips to brighten eyes.

Education – Dermaflage Demonstration

Dermaflage IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

I had a couple conflicting sessions in the 2 p.m. hour, but decided to support my friend Norah, from Norah Loves Makeup. But above that, Norah is a working makeup artist, whose work is gorgeous. Dermaflage tapped her to be a model for their demonstration of using the product to create a beat-up face.

Dermaflage IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy
Dermaflage IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

What I thought was fascinating about this session was the variety of uses for Dermaflage – it’s not just a special effects tool, this skin-like filler can be used on brides to fill in scars or skin imperfections, and it can be used in fantasty/creative cosmetics, too.

The advancement and science of cosmetics is truly fascinating! I was heading out to the train station after this demo, and the crowd surged around Norah and Melissa from the brand who did the demo, so I only snapped this close-up before heading out.

Dermaflage IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Sorry it’s a little grainy!


The Makeup Light IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

One of my favorite aspects of all the cosmetic trade shows? The artistry.

All around, artists are spending hours creating creatures and characters of models that make you stare and admire. There’s also a competition.

The Makeup Light IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

I wish I’d been able to follow-up and see what this man became!

Throughout the day I would walk past the Kryolan booth and check in on the progress an artist was making on creating a witch. Here are three stops I made in a collage, you can see the progression!

Kryolan IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

The last time I stopped, to see if he was close to done on his model, they were gone! I did a quick tour around the show floor to see if I could find them – I wanted a picture! – but I couldn’t. I was bummed! I”ll have to stalk on Instagram to see if anyone posted it!

Crimes of Beauty

Crimes of Beauty IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

One of my first stops was Crimes of Beauty. That’s founder and owner Whitney wearing one of her flannels new to the brand.

Whitney is a working makeup artist who runs an agency, and she purchased a tank top that said “I eat glitter for breakfast” at a department store. “I’m a makeup artist, it’s hilarious,” she said of the saying.

Her husband didn’t totally get the hilarity, she said, but nearly a dozen people stopped her one day she wore it to compliment and rave over the shirt.

A light went off for Whitney, who told her husband they should do their own line, creating sayings from a makeup artists’ perspective that is not only funny and real for the artist but relatable to the consumer, as well. And two years ago, Crimes of Beauty was born.

You can buy makeup bags – there are 25 different styles in total, Whitney said – as well as shirts of all types from sweatshirts, tanks, tees and flannels. There are even hats.

This has been the biggest year for the brand, and when you look at the sayings, it’s no wonder.

Crimes of Beauty IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Crimes of Beauty IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

I couldn’t help myself – that sweatshirt right there? That’s mine now.

I’ll have a separate post showing off my outfit of the day with my Crimes of Beauty wear. I also purchased a T-shirt that says, “New makeup is always a good idea.” Um, yes.

Products are available through the brand site, Planet Beauty in LA and Ricky’s NYC.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

obsessive compulsive cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics showed off its six new Lip Tars for spring in the Nothing’s Shocking collection!

This year the OCC booth was scaled down and located in a different part of the floor plan. I remember seeing OCC for the first time (MY first time, anyway!) before they blew up mainstream at The Makeup Show NYC seven years ago, and the booth at IMATS this year was maybe double that booth, but nothing like the space they’ve occupied in more immediate years past. I don’t know where the brand is going, but I was thrilled to see they had a new collection on display.

I wish I’d talked to David, the owner, to ask some questions and to learn a bit more about the inspiration behind the collection but I stopped by early in the morning and thought, “I gotta come back here!” And then I completely forgot. My judgement got clouded by aching feet. Anyway, I’ll see what I can find out at The Makeup Show next month.

bh Cosmetics

bh Cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

I was in line for Juvia’s Place, which wrapped around the booth behind it – which happened to be the bh Cosmetics booth. Since bh was on my “to do” list, I stepped out of line to take a look at the things I had interest in.

bh Cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

I wasn’t interested in this eye shadow palette but it makes a pretty picture, right?!

I WAS interested in this highlighter palette, which is currently sold out on their website – Blacklight Highlighter Six-Color Palette:

bh Cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy Blacklight highlight palette

I’m basically obsessed with highlighters. I took a picture of this one, too, but passed on it – the Spotlight Highlight Six-Color Palette:

bh Cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

It was really hard to not buy both!

Jouer Cosmetics

Jouer IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Confession: I’ve only ever bought Jouer Lip Cremes. Guess what I bought at IMATS? Jouer Lip Cremes.

I DID branch out though – I picked up Lip Toppers, too, including the new Rose Gold topper!

I’m impressed by the colors, packaging and classiness of this brand. But I’ve really gotta branch out! What’s your favorite Jouer product?!

Pur Cosmetics

pur cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Pur Minerals was on my shopping list – I’ve been wanting to try their Bare It All Foundation, so I picked that up. It’s been great to see this brand really grow and get the attention it deserves – it was in Ulta back when I worked there about 8 or 9 years ago, and I liked it back then! BTW – I did a YouTube review of the Trolls palette here – it’s a love of mine!

pur cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Gleam by Melanie Mills

Gleam by Melanie Mills IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

I stopped by the Gleam by Melanie Mills booth and found out the brand has launched a new Gleam Body Radiance shade – Peach Deluxe! Check it out –

Gleam by Melanie Mills IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Ah, it’s perfect!

I hadn’t seen the shade Disco Gold, so I sampled that as well:

Gleam by Melanie Mills IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy


I don’t use products like this often as a consumer, but as a makeup artist, what a great tool for the kit. I have small tubes of the Body Radiance and it’s amazing – stays put, and adds color and shimmer where you want it.


Mustaev IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

I just had to mention Mustaev. This is a brand I know from covering The Makeup Show, and I was thrilled to stop by their booth at IMATS. I haven’t explored this brand much yet, but last year I received a sample of its Maxi-Volume mascara, and it changed my lash life. Since I’ve been wear-testing other mascaras so much, I didn’t “need” this, but I picked up a tube at IMATS and I will buy backups again at The Makeup Show, because I’m kicking myself for not doing it Saturday!


tweezerman IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

This weekend at IMATS I learned something that rocked my world.

Tweezerman makes an eyelash curler designed for almond-shaped eyes.

So, maybe you knew this. Maybe you don’t care. But I’m hoping that this wider bed for my lashes will mean I stop pinching my skin when I curl my lashes. Every. Damn. Time. I pinch my skin.

I’ll keep you posted, because I’m stoked.

Beautylish Presents Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Beautylish Jeffree Star Cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy
Beautylish Jeffree Star Cosmetics IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Jeffree Star Cosmetics repped with its line of Skin Frosts, Velour Liquid Lipsticks and eye shadow palettes. Even the new collection that just launched was available for purchase. The discounts weren’t deep but it was better than taxes and shipping on top of regular price!


Kryolan IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

Kryolan makes some amazing, professional makeup that doesn’t get a lot of mainstream attention but to be honest, the Kryolan eye shadow palettes I own are some of my favorites!

I couldn’t help but snap a photo of this gorgeous pro blush palette. Just a great variety of colors!

Stilazzi at Frends Beauty

stilazzi at Frends beauty IMATS NYC 2017 roundup beautyjudy

The first time I tried Stilazzi eye shadows, I was blown away that these seem to be one of the cheapest shadows, but you’d never know it from the quality. You do need an empty palette to put them into, but it’s worth it. And the pans are decent sizes, too.

Stilazzi was sold at the Frends Beauty booth.


imats nyc 2017 roundup beautyjudy

One of my favorite things about trade shows is seeing the people I’ve become friendly with, or friends with, over the years. Do you recognize any of these wonderful ladies!?

That’s a wrap!

makeup at IMATS NYC 2017 beautyjudy

I was happy with my IMATS makeup – I wore two Make Up For Ever eye shadows (the numbers are on the bottom of the pans, which are in a MUFE palette) as well as a Star Powder to highlight to brow, along with Jesse’s Girl Black Liquid Eyeliner, Mustaev Maxi-Volume Mascara and Tarte Tartiest Lash Paint. On my lips is a combo of ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Vice, Jouer Papaye Lip Creme and Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Top Coat in Litter. Cheeks are an Inglot blush and Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Beaming Blush. Oh, and I totally forgot my brows. Duh!

I hope you enjoyed this super long post recap of my experience at IMATS! I’ll have much more content coming from the show as I go through my purchases!