Feb 03 2017

A Locally-Produced Sugared Vanilla Coffee Scrub to Love!

Disclaimer: I bought this.

LEH Soap Company Sugared Vanilla Coffee Scrub BeautyJudy

A while back, I bought this amazing Sugared Vanilla Coffee Scrub from LEH Soap Company. The LEH stands for Little Egg Harbor, a town in Southern New Jersey. LEH is a small business, and I am a huge fan; I’ve used several of their products, and the brand has never disappointed me.

I’ve heard that caffeine can help with redness and given my rosacea, I decided to buy it as a face scrub. I was a little nervous that my skin would react negatively, but my skin has instead responded really well.

LEH Soap Company Sugared Vanilla Coffee Scrub BeautyJudy

The scent of this scrub is amazing. The fresh coffee smell of the grounds mixes with the vanilla to create a slightly heady aroma that becomes a subtle scent on my face hours after I’ve used it. That’s probably one of my favorite parts. The lingering scent.

Those who are very sensitive to scents might find this a bit on the strong side at first, but it eventually fades. It is a scent, however, that I want to bath my whole body in and every now and then I use this scrub on my whole body; the container is quite large at 8 oz.

LEH Soap Company Sugared Vanilla Coffee Scrub BeautyJudy

The scrub is gentle enough that I can use it a two to three times a week if I want and sometimes, I do. It’s lasted me a while though! It leaves my facial skin feeling so soft, and it truly does reduce the redness. I haven’t experienced any post-scrub breakouts or irritation. The experience of smooth skin, reduced redness and a feeling of happiness from the scent equals a wonderful “at-home” spa experience to me!

LEH Soap Company Sugared Vanilla Coffee Scrub BeautyJudy

LEH Soap Company Sugared Vanilla Coffee Scrub BeautyJudy

This Sugared Vanilla Coffee Scrub retails for $16.50 and can be purchased through the LEH Soap Company website here, or at one of their store locations in the Delaware Valley. My favorite place to go for a fix is in the Historic Village of Smithville, N.J.

The labeling is a little different now, as I’ve had my scrub for a while!

Have you fallen in love with skincare from a local merchant? Have you ever tried LEH? I am so proud to support this local shop!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I like coffee scrubs!!!

    • BeautyJudy

      They’re so refreshing!

  • http://www.primebeautyblog.net PrimeBeauty

    You’re so lucky to have this close to home!

    • BeautyJudy

      I agree!!

  • http://glamorable.com/ Anastasia

    Love supporting local small businesses! this scrub looks like it would be perfect for my dry winter knees and feetsies 🙂

    • BeautyJudy

      Yes! I haven’t tried it on my feet, I want to do that!

  • marciaf

    I love finding local specialties. This sounds wonderful.

    • BeautyJudy

      Me too! And it is!

  • http://www.stephanielouiseatb.blogspot.com Stephanie Louise Telford

    That ingredients list is fab!

    • BeautyJudy

      It really is!

  • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

    You know I love indies like this!

    • BeautyJudy

      Yes! I think you’d enjoy some of their soap scents, they have such a variety!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I love to support small beauty businesses like this. The scrub sounds wonderful!

    • BeautyJudy

      It really is, and the scent is heaven to me!