Happy 8-year Blogiversary to me!

blog header

This was the photo I used for my very first, blurry blog header in February 2009. Eye shadows are Urban Decay. Not a clue what else I was wearing!

Today marks a BeautyJudy.com milestone: I’ve officially been blogging here for eight years!

Eight years.

In eight years, I’ve had a lot of personal and professional milestones.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful new friends. I’ve shaken hands and hugged some amazing celebrity makeup artists, nail artists and even celebrities.

In eight years, I’ve worked with countless amazing brands, from OPI to Pixi, and so many scattered in between.

I’ve learned the start-up stories behind so many brands, making me a loyal customer for life.

I’ve traveled across the country to trade shows and press events and experienced new and upcoming trends first-hand.

I spent almost four years writing a beauty column for a local newspaper because of the experiences with my blog.

Did I mention that I have made wonderful friends? Met amazing people?

BeautyJudy is a little blog that started eight years ago because I worked part-time at Ulta, and wanted an outlet to talk about beauty. Makeup and nail polish have always been a love in my life, and I started this blog to share that love with anyone that would read it.

Today, I’m still just as passionate about cosmetics, and I still love talking about them.

I remember hitting “post” on my very first blog post, and how I thought it’d be read by some friends and family. People who had asked me questions like, “how do I apply eyeliner on my lower lash line?” I wasn’t doing this to connect with people across the world, but I did. In Israel. In England. In Greece.

BeautyJudy.com may not be the most savvy. She may not have the sharpest logo or cleanest layout and design. But it is mine. And it has been mine for eight years. And when I have the money to invest in getting her in better shape, I will certainly do that.

Thank you to anyone who is viewing this, who has ever taken the time to interact with me whether here or on social media – IG, FB, etc. I didn’t realize how much THAT would be my favorite part about blogging. Sure, I love writing. I love trying new product. But it’s YOU that I love most. Without someone else listening on the other side of the screen, blogging would be a lonely, less fulfilling hobby.

So, cheers to eight years. And cheers to many more. Thank you!!!!