Happy New Year!


Kicking back in my unfinished beauty office after prepping a post – 2 different eye looks – ah, the life of a blogger!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I have been working hard over the last week and a half to give myself a bit of a fresh start this week here on BeautyJudy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately. For a while, really. The last year and a half, on and off. I really focused on what my options were: retiring, or recommitting. There were many moments I felt I had to admit defeat and quit. And I say “admit defeat and quit” because I didn’t want to quit, but my time limited my opportunity to do it, and I felt everything else was winning. I felt like I wasn’t in control of the decision.

But I decided that I want to recommit to BeautyJudy, that I AM in control of the decision. I’m not ready to quit just yet. I still love this.

I used to post so faithfully. At one point, I posted everyday, at least five times a week. Then I aimed for three times a week but in 2015 and 2016, there were months where I maybe posted once. There was a month in 2016 when I didn’t even post once.

I don’t like being inconsistent with something that means so much to me. BeautyJudy is more than my hobby, it’s become a love. It’s an outlet. Yes, it has helped me with opportunities to do some freelancing writing, but it’s not a career or job.

I am one month shy of 8 years – EIGHT YEARS – doing this and it STILL is a labor of love. It doesn’t feel like work. My pictures aren’t perfection. I’M not perfection. But the love I have for sharing beauty, nails and makeup through this corner of the internet IS perfection to me.

So why have I had such a hard time committing?

Truth is, I have a very demanding full-time job that I love. Sometimes, I have to work weekends. Nights. Early starts. It wasn’t always like this but as my responsibilities have grown, I’ve become more consumed.

I started a family. I think my blog really started suffering in 2014 when I was pregnant, and 24/7 morning sickness prevented me from even being able to paint my nails.

I’m tired. I’m out of shape, and I’ve spent a lot of my “free” time after my daughter goes to bed sitting on the couch in front of the TV. I’m planning to become more active and to eat better, which will give me more energy, and I won’t want to just veg out on the couch. I need to use MY time more wisely.

But certainly, a lot of my time I spend time with my daughter and husband. On the weekends, I’m with my daughter and husband. I’m with family. Friends. Working.

So this all means that there are no more weekend swatchfests. I can’t sit down on a Saturday and/or Sunday and work on blog posts for 8+ hours, the way I used to.

What I am committing to, as I recommit myself to BeautyJudy, is to utilize my free time at night to blog. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV, unwinding, I want to blog to unwind. Spend an hour each night. Make sure to take pictures in the mornings when I do my makeup so I can do tutorials or eye looks or face looks or whatever. Swatch on the weekends when I have a rare occasion, when my husband gives me a little break and takes  our daughter somewhere.

The pressure I put on myself as I do this is not perfection. It’s do it because I enjoy it. If it doesn’t work out, then I have to seriously consider the alternative. I don’t want to continue in an inconsistent way. It’s all or nothing.

Last week, I spent the majority of my time off taking pictures, editing them, creating looks, reviewing products, writing blog posts. I created an editorial calendar for the ENTIRE YEAR, with intention of posting three times a week. I have every post planned out for January, some for every other month in the year. I have 7 posts scheduled for this month.

I’m ready. Bring it, 2017.

I plan to cover a handful of events this year. I want to go back to The Makeup Show NYC. I’m planning to attend Polish Con in April in NYC. IMATS NYC, hopefully. Not sure Cosmoprof in Las Vegas is in the cards for me this year, but I enjoy covering trade shows so much and bringing trends and new products to you.


Thank you to everyone reading who has read BeautyJudy for a while. Thank you if you are reading this and you are a new reader. I appreciate all of you. Cheers to the new year, to you, and to BeautyJudy!

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New Year’s mani – Jamberry wraps in Countdown and Bubbler paired with KBShimmer Haute Mess (disclaimer – KBShimmer was a press sample and I’m a Jamberry consultant).