Oct 24 2016

KBShimmer Winter/Holiday 2016 Swatches and Review!

Disclaimer: Some PR samples. See bottom.

KBShimmer winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Ok, brace yourself.

This is going to be one long post full of KBShimmer Winter/Holiday goodness!

I have 14 of the epic 18 nail polishes to share, as well as a handful of other goodies; there’s a lot of pics!

I’ve broken this post down into three areas:

  • Holiday/Winter Nail Polish
  • New Holiday Scents
  • Purchase Specials

Let’s just jump right in!

Holiday/Winter Nail Polish!

Yeti or Not

KBShimmer Yeti or Not winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Do you see all those iridescent glitters?! Although it’s a pale gray, this polish reminds me a bit of fake snow that people used to use on their windows in the 70s and 80s. But with glitter. Yeti or Not is loaded with iridescent and holographic glitters. It’s got a texture to it, so you can wear it alone for a texture look, or top it with top coat. I try to stick to two coats for every swatch, to show what every polish looks like in two, and this one needs a third, in my opinion. KBShimmer recommends two to three. This polish is going to come in handy for winter. Only word of caution is that it went on a little more thickly and patchy than any of the other polishes, probably because of the texture.

Take Me for Granite

KBShimmer Take Me For Granite winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Take Me for Granite is a pale crelly including black, silver and gray glitters of different sizes. This is the kind of polish that reminds me of KBShimmer! This one reminds me of snow in the city – the concrete, the dirt, the fresh snow. Sounds dirty but the city (New York City) at Christmas time can be magical! I used two coats and it came out pretty opaque. KBShimmer recommends three coats.

Bling in the New Year

KBShimmer Bling in the New Year winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Bling in the New Year is going to look hot when I’m holding a glass of champagne, wearing a LBD and making noise at midnight. Ok. Who am I kidding…I’ll probably be asleep at midnight this year but I’d really like to be wearing this polish either way. It’s got flakes in pinks, greens, gold and blues with silver holo glitter and metallic flakes. Holy bling. Two to three coats of this are recommended – two served me fine.

Haute Mess

KBShimmer Haute Mess winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

KBShimmer Haute Mess winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Haute Mess is another one that will look great for New Year’s Eve. It’s got silver, rose gold, copper and holo glitters. KBShimmer says that glittery stilettos spotted at Vegas casinos are the spirit animal of this polish. I agree. I showed in the second photo what it looks like in one coat – so you can layer this one. For full coverage, two to three coats. As you can see in the first photo, two coats did me just fine.

Get to the Pointsettia

KBShimmer Get to the Pointsettia winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Get to the Pointsettia is a linear holo red polish. This can be a staple in any Santa suit or candy cane nail art. I remember when all I wanted were linear red and white holo polishes. LOVE this. Two coats are recommended, and I agree!


KBShimmer Chai-huahua winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

So first, I know. My cuticles are utter crap in this photo. I don’t know why, but I took the photo BEFORE I put on my Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream. Duh. But regardless, it’s hard to deny how pretty Chai-huahua is! This polish is inspired by Chai tea spices – cinnamon, cloves and anise. It’s a warm, brick red that covers in two coats – just like KBShimmer recommends. This is the first one I wore. Because I could not WAIT!

Whiskey Business

KBShimmer Whiskey Business winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Whiskey Business has piles of metallic flakes, a scattering of micro holo glitter and has a beautiful golden yellow glow. KBShimmer recommends two coats – as you can see, two is perfect! This one reminds me of gift wrapping. Is anyone else excited for the holiday season after seeing all these polishes?!

The Holy Kale

KBShimmer The Holy Kale winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

It’s possible The Holy Kale may go down as one of my top favs of 2016. Green linear holo with a blue shift thanks to micro glass flakes that go shift between blue and pink…this is a fun twist on holiday green! Two to three coats recommended – I might go for that third coat, to get the full effect. Two shown above.

Spruce Things Up

KBShimmer Spruce Things Up winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

My photo of Spruce Things Up doesn’t even do all the holo and golden glow justice. This evergreen jelly has tons of micro holo, silver glitter and KBShimmer says silver glitter, but mine pulls very golden. It reminds me of a the star on top of the Christmas tree. This one is opaque in two coats – two to three are recommended.

Have a Look Ski

KBShimmer Have a Look Ski winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Have a Look Ski reminds me of my mom’s ski jacket from the 80s, which is perfect, because this deepened teal liner holo is inspired by one of KBShimmer’s own Christy’s “epic ski jacket” that sported shades of teal and neon. So totally rad. Two coats are recommended, and as you can see, works perfect!

Ink Again

KBShimmer Ink Again winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Ink Again is Have a Look Ski’s bluer sister. It’s like the perfect ball point pen blue – except my Bic never wrote in linear holo like Ink Again! I used two coats, and two coats are recommended.

Royal to a Fault

KBShimmer Royal to a Fault winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Royal to a Fault is one of those hard-to-capture blurple shades that drives me nuts. This is a royal purple with tons of micro glass flakes shifting from blue to violet, making my life miserable trying to capture it with my camera. Trust me, this polish is glowy and gorgeous and perfect for holiday – especially if you like to do a little ornament, light or gift wrapping nail art! You can sorta see the purple “halo” around the outside of the polished nail, right?! I did two coats. Two to three are recommended.

Just Duvet It

KBShimmer Just Duvet It winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy
KBShimmer Just Duvet It winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

So Just Duvet It gets two photos, because I photographed this the most (oddly enough, more than Royal to a Fault!). This grape purple, with a hint of pink shimmer flakes and holo sparkle, looked great. I did not want to take it off (it’s not even holiday and I’ve already worn two holiday polishes, haha!). You can see the pink shimmer in that second, nature light photo. Top photo is sun or Ott lamp. I can’t remember which (I am closing in on 40 next year, folks). Anyway. Two to three coats recommended, I did great with two.

Soot and Ladders

KBShimmer Soots and Ladders winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Soots and Ladders is a black jelly polish filled with micro flakes in a rainbow of hues, that really come to life on the nail when the light hits it. My last car, a Ford Escape, had black paint that looked like this in the sunlight. I did two coats, two to three are recommended.


kbshimmer sELFie swatch and review winter 2015 on beautyjudy
kbshimmer sELFie swatch and review winter 2015 on beautyjudy

sELFie is one from last year, returning this year, hence why my nails look totally different in this photo! From my blog post reviewing last year’s winter/holiday collection: sELFie is described as a holographic glitter topper perfect for pairing with Chilly Pepper or used alone for a full coverage textured look. First photo flash, second natural lighting. I used three coats to get it as opaque as possible, but I’ll probably use this one as a topper. It’s like a Christmas tree on my nails!

The shades I do not have for you are:

  • A Walk in the Park-A: Described by the brand as a lush orchid-colored creme and the ideal winter purple that provides almost one-coat coverage, with one to two coats recommended.
  • Ornamentally Flawless: Described by the brand as a jewel-toned glitter polish sparkling turquoise, fuchsia, gold, green and silver. Can be worn as a topper or opaque. One to two coats recommended.
  • Returning holiday favorite Holly Back Girl.

Overall, I loved this nail polish collection. I love the rich, jewel-like tones, the glitter, the daring texture.

Any application difficulties I noted in my descriptions. But really, there were none. The only one that seemed a bit difficult was Yeti or Not, but I attribute that to the texture aspect. I wasn’t expecting the texture when I was applying it.

These polishes will be available NEXT Tuesday, November 1. Polishes will retail for $9.25 at KBShimmer.com, Amazon and select salons and retailers. For sales outside the United States, visit Harlow and Co.

Which ones do you love?!

New Holiday Scents

In addition, KBShimmer will launch three holiday scents available for a limited time in Mani Shots, Mega Shots, Sugar Scrubs, Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream and lotions:

  • Gingerbread Men: Freshly shaven nutmeg, warm clove, spicy ginger and cinnamon.
  • Very Merry Cranberry: deep, sweet blend of ripe cranberry, citrus zest and warm woods.
  • Cocoa and Cookies: chocolate drizzle, confectioner’s sugar, marshmallow cream, cookie dough, vanilla and milk chocolate chips.

I’m not going to lie, that made me hungry just typing it.

I received a sample of Gingerbread Men Mani Shot, so I will share my thoughts on that in SnapChat (BeautyJudy10) or Instagram (BeautyJudy) – come find me!

KBShimmer Gingerbread Men Mani Shot winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Purchase specials

From November 1 to December 31 – or while supplies last – KBShimmer will be offering gifts with orders! The items will also be up for sale on the website.

  • Spend $25 or more and receive a chrome nail polish charm with the KBShimmer logo ($2.95 retail value)
  • Spend $50 or more and receive a KBShimmer branded Mont Bleu purse-size crystal nail file ($4.95 retail value) AND the nail polish charm – as well as free shipping (total retail value, $7.90)
  • Spend $75 or more and receive a faux leather KBShimmer holographic cosmetic case ($12.95 retail value), the nail file and the nail polish charm, as well as free shipping (total retail value $20.85)

Please note, the purchase amounts of $25, $50 and $75 are after discounts and coupon codes, and the prices exclude shipping or taxes. This offer is only good on purchases from the KBShimmer.com site.

Check out the goodies!

KBShimmer holo bag winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy
KBShimmer holo bag winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy
KBShimmer gifts with purchase mini crystal nail file nail polish charm winter holiday 2016 swatches review beautyjudy

Phew. So that’s KBShimmer holiday/winter! I am hoping to get the rest of winter/holiday when it goes on sale next week, as well as some of the Cuticle Creams!!!

What’s on YOUR wish list from this launch?!

Disclaimer: I received eight of the KBShimmer winter/holiday collection for honest consideration, and purchased the remaining polishes at full price (early). Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!

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