Eve Pearl Liquid Lipstick in Plum Naked

Disclosure: PR sample. See bottom.

eve pearl liquid lipstick swatch Plum Naked on BeautyJudy

Eve Pearl has launched a new Liquid Lipstick in two shades that’s billed as “lip foundation, hydration and color in one.”

It’s definitely a hydrating lippie, containing coconut oil, aloe and vitamin E. No doubt, it felt good on the lips to me! The shade I tried, Plum Naked, has a rich pigment – one dip of the wand in the tube and my lips were covered.

Here’s what it looks like on my lips:

eve pearl liquid lipstick swatch Plum Naked on BeautyJudy

Here’s my full face with it:

eve pearl liquid lipstick swatch Plum Naked on BeautyJudy

Apologies, I ended up going home sick this day, my sinuses were so stuffed and I felt like crap! So it’s not the best “selfie,” lol!

Anyway. About an hour after I arrived at work, I did a quick check of my lips, because they felt great. The liquid lipstick was not tacky nor was it dry. It felt moisturizing.

When I looked at my lips in my reflection, I noticed the lipstick had spread beyond my lip line. It didn’t feather, it just…spread. It looked bad to me. I quickly tried to clean up my lip line and used the sponge in my powder compact to reinforce it.

The lipstick is supposed to have a mild plumping effect, and I wonder if that contributed to how it looked after a while. I didn’t notice any tingling, as I’ve felt in the past with other plumpers.

Next time I wear this lipstick, I’ll use my Urban Decay Ozone lip liner (clear, anti-feathering) and see if it helps. Either way, I would not likely purchase this lipstick. There are plenty other Eve Pearl products I love, but while this felt great on my lips, I didn’t like how it looked after it’d been on an hour or so.

It also had a strong scent – I think floral – that was a bit too much for me, and it lasted a bit, it didn’t go away right off the bat.

I couch that comment by saying, while this is my preference, and my experience, I can’t say that this is the experience you would have, it’s just the one I had. And I felt I should share.

If you are interested in giving this liquid lipstick a go, though, you can find it on the Eve Pearl website here. It retails for $26. There’s also a shade called Barely Pink, found here. Eve Pearl recommends combining both shades to create dimension on your lips – they would make a pretty ombre lip!

What do you think of Plum Naked? What’s your favorite Eve Pearl product, if you’ve tried the brand?!

Disclaimer: I received Plum Naked for honest consideration in a sample bag at The Makeup Show NYC. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!