Revisiting Jamberry

Disclaimer: One press sample, see bottom for more.


I have a confession to make.

I’m sort of obsessed with Jamberry right now.

I know…I know…

Did I lose you? Are you still with me? Ok. Hear me out…?

The Ugly

There are plenty of reasons why I used to hate Jamberry. This post explains part of it – I had a horrible initial experience with application. Also, I just thought it was time consuming when polishing gave me perfection in the same or less amount of time.

Second, it disgusts me when I see consultants using the “ugliest manicure” game in parties. NO. JUST NO. Do NOT make fun of other people’s art. I was in a party recently and one of the pictures posted was beautiful, sculpted nail art that must have taken HOURS to do. It was likely for a competition. I was appalled. And I also don’t like the idea of making fun of a mani that someone posted online because they were sharing their love of how it looks on them. Before I left the party, I offered an explanation as to why this was a bad, mean-spirited “game.”

Third, it is disappointing that wraps have been produced using the image of a nail artists’ design – I only know of one instance of this, and I’m just going to leave this link here because I’m on the peripheral of the whole thing and it’s not right for me to explain it.

Lastly – I have never been a fan of aggressive direct sales consultants. No matter what you peddle, there’s got to be a line in the sand. Don’t go to someone’s beautiful nail art on social media and leave a comment under it telling people that if they don’t have the time or skills to do that nail art, to buy from their website…don’t hound me because I’m a nail blogger…and don’t drop the link to your site in my blog comments. I don’t even like it when other bloggers comment just to link drop!

Now, I know not all consultants are like this, and that’s where the “Good” part of the story begins…

The Good

My friend Michele started selling Jamberry after a year of weekly “Jamicures.” I always thought she made the wraps look good and I enjoyed when she would post them on her Facebook page. She added me to her Jamberry group when she started selling a couple months ago. Instead of leaving, I stuck around. I couldn’t believe the engagement among everyone, and Michele’s passion for the product.

She never played an “ugliest manicure” game – in fact, she really hasn’t played games at all! She just shares the product and encourages us to share our own “Jamicures.”

Inspired by her, I dusted off the sheets of Jamberry wraps I’d been sent more than a year ago by the brand’s PR firm at the time, and decided to give a couple accent nails a fresh try. I used a wrap that I believe is discontinued, called Flower Shop:

Jamberry Flower shop nail wrap

Horrible application – you can see where the wrap did not adhere to my nail. Instead of giving up, I asked in Michele’s group for tips.

I had a lot of trial and error. I watched videos. I consulted with the group. And finally, I figured it out. Here’s another of my early tries:

Jamberry Gobble Gobble nail wrap and ILNP Diablo

This is Jamberry Gobble Gobble with ILNP Diablo – a cute combo! You can see my application is getting better but still not flat all over!

I kept at it. This became an outlet for me. A way for mommy to unwind after baby went to bed! I started to lose myself in the process that before, seemed tedious and not worth it to me. This was my very first “good” Jamicure:

Jamberry Glittering Marsala Marsala Palace nail wraps

This is Glittering Marsala and Marsala Palace wraps. I also added a gel overlay with the brand’s TruShine Base Coat and Top Coat. This mani was the most perfect Jamberry application I’d ever done!!! I was so stoked. Since the gel was over top, I didn’t have to worry about it for days.

I ordered the mini heater, and I learned tips and found my combo of things that helped me “nail” application. Here’s how I make these wraps work for me:

  • Because my nails are curvy, I cut a small slit, diagonally, on each side of the base of the wrap
  • I lean a metal cuticle pusher against the heater, and after I heat the wrap, I use it to adhere the wrap to my nail. The intense heat of the pusher gets out the majority of any wrinkles that want to pop up on the nail
  • Gel overlay. I have to put gel over them or they will peel back at the tips and it will drive me crazy.

Here’s a couple of my Christmas manis:

Jamberry Run Run Run nail wrap

Run, Run, Run wraps with TruShine overlay.

Jamberry Christmas Socks nail wrap

Christmas Socks with TruShine overlay. I LOVED this mani and wore it over the Christmas holiday.

The best part about the gel, I’ve found, is that it doesn’t adhere to the nail, because I don’t buff the nail and prime it. So removal is a breeze.

I heat up a little water and a teaspoon of coconut oil, and soak my finger for a few seconds before pushing the wrap off bit by bit with a cuticle pusher. The gel comes off with it. The gel on my nail just pops off with no damage. To remove the adhesive left behind I use a cotton ball with acetone or Zoya Remove + to finish the job.

The oil and water leaves very little damage to my nails, and moisturizes them, too. For perspective, it takes less time to remove than if I did glitter removal with aluminum foil.

Here’s my New Year’s mani – I didn’t do gel over this and I removed it two days later because the tips drove me nuts!

Jamberry Noisemaker nail wrap

Jamberry Noisemaker. They glow in the dark, which was fun when I’d get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, turn the light on, then back out to go to bed, lol!

And this is my current mani, which I’m OBSESSED with!

Jamberry On Holiday nail wrap

This is Jamberry On Holiday. It was the available-in-December-only wrap. You can see the little slits in my nail if you look closely. The slits really help the wraps adhere to the curve of my nails, but you can’t really see them in everyday.

Using Jamberry wraps, about once a week, has become my “Me time.” Every week for a while, on Friday nights, I sat down with all my supplies and did my nails. I took my time, and it would take a little over an hour.

Don’t get me wrong – I still LOVE my nail polish. My untrieds still grow a little each month! I really, truly think I am obsessed with Jamberry at the moment because of the small network through my friend (and a second friend who started selling and has the same “no ugliest manicure game” philosophy!) and because it’s a process that I enjoy losing myself in. I don’t think about work. I don’t think about being a mommy. It’s like coloring. It’s like trying to stay inside the lines. I love it.

I hope you’ll still respect me, fellow nail fanatics, lol! But I needed to write this post. My blog isn’t meant to be just about press samples and product reviews, I like sharing products I love, too. And lately it’s been product reviews when I get the chance to post.

I haven’t had much time to blog, so as I thought about my 2016 blogging goals (I mean at this point I just wanted to blog, period lol), I decided I wanted to talk more about things I love and am using.

So here you go. Jamberry – are you against, for or neutral?!

Disclaimer: I received one sheet, as noted above, from the PR Firm/Manufacturer for honest consideration. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!