Aug 31 2015

Under the Sea!

Disclaimer: Some PR sample – see bottom.

Mermaid nail art Zoya ILNP Twinkled T KBShimmer Sweet Baby by Donna Milani Cult Nails

“Cinderella” might be my all-time favorite Disney movie, but “The Little Mermaid” is my second favorite!

Mermaid EVERYTHING is so popular right now – mermaid hair, mermaid nails…and it really got me thinking of how I’d take on the trend. Why not incorporate my favorite mermaid?

At the time I did this mani, my entire nail art stash was in storage as we are in the process of moving into our first home (we are settling today!), so I had to create this look using only what I had on hand; a recent nail art haul from Twinkled T, and of course, my polish stash! I picked up the mermaid stencils as well as two Ariel charms from Twinkled T, so I was set!

I also created this mani in celebration of Donna from Sweet Baby by Donna‘s (@workinggirlnails on IG!) birthday, although I far more admire the mermaid nails she’s done in her IG than mine; I’m still a little unsteady with getting the stencil perfectly shaded in!!

I chose colors for this mani that reminded me of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” – Zoya Cecilia for her mermaid tail, Zoya Demetria for her red hair, KBShimmer Sarong Place, Sarong Time for her seashell top. You get the picture. Check it out!

Mermaid nail art Zoya ILNP Twinkled T KBShimmer Sweet Baby by Donna Milani Cult Nails
Mermaid nail art Zoya ILNP Twinkled T KBShimmer Sweet Baby by Donna Milani Cult Nails

Complete breakdown of what I used:

My post today is part of a large collaboration!

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Disclaimer: I received the Zoya and Milani polishes from the PR Firm/Manufacturer previously for honest review. I received the Sweet Baby by Donna cuticle oil as a gift with my purchase. All other products purchased. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!

  • Heather

    Oh my goodness, so cute! I love the Ariel too such a fun look!

  • Noelle

    Ahh, Ariel is my fave! Love the little charm too.

  • Sheila Arkee

    Adorable! And congrats on your home!

  • Nidia Doherty

    Oh, the Ariel charm is too cute! Great mani!

  • marciaf

    The pinky & ring finger are beautiful. I wish I could do that. Great mani.

  • Collective Beauty

    I love the color combo you used! and how cute is that tiny little Ariel!

  • Katie Garvin // From My Vanity

    That Ariel charm is SO cute! Love it 🙂

  • Claudia – iliketotalkalot

    Totally loving your Ariel nail charm! Cute! I love the fish scale decals, they really help in mermaid inspired nail art!