Pastel Hair, Don’t Care!

Purchased by me.

Pravana pastel hair BeautyJudy
That up there is me, cheesing because I was about to cross something off my bucket list.

Colorful hair.

I work in Corporate America. My job allows me flexibility when it comes to experimenting with a new lip color or nail look. In fact, I’m very open about my beauty blog and my team, including my top boss, are very supportive!

Perhaps my boss, and the executives I deal with, would embrace colorful hair – we have a culture of “bring your whole self to work” and I love it! – but the truth is, as a member of middle management, I feel my best while wearing a more professional outfit, with my hair blonde and makeup fresh.

That’s why when I went on maternity leave, I saw my opportunity to finally dye my hair in colors that I never would feel comfortable wearing to the office. WHY I didn’t do this in college, or when I was a newspaper reporter, is beyond me. Perhaps I didn’t have the nerve. I almost didn’t this time!

I initially made my appointment for the day after my last day at the office in mid-June. But I chickened out. I decided that I didn’t want my hair colorful in my initial photos of my newborn daughter and I – it’s not truly me, it’s something I’m trying out, so I canceled the appointment.

Last week, I decided that this wasn’t a desire that was going to go away. It is something I wanted to experience. For some, dying their hair a different color might be an easy decision, but for me, this was a huge outside-the-box moment.

My stylist, who co-owns her salon Studio 240 (Woodbury, NJ), has never given me a bad cut or color. Arielle fit me in for last Tuesday night. My husband watched the baby and I spent three hours first going blonde, then getting partial Pravana ChromaSilk Pastel highlights.

Pravana pastel hair BeautyJudy

 Colors, from top to bottom: Blissful Blue, Luscious Lavender, Mystical Mint, Too Cute Coral and Pretty in Pink.

First, I went back to blonde.

Pravana pastel hair BeautyJudy

While my blonde was setting under the dryer, Arielle searched hashtags on Instagram for ideas. She found a couple, showed me, and set to work. She randomly brushed the colorful dyes all over, and set me under the dryer again.

She also blew out my hair, which is amazing because I’ve just been letting it air dry or blow drying it with a diffuser curly/wavy, with some spray gel, and pinning pieces out of my face. As a new mom, I have to pick and choose what I spend my time on – there are some days my decision is between a shower or a sandwich!

Anyway, check it out!

Pravana pastel hair BeautyJudy
Pravana pastel hair BeautyJudy

I am in LOVE!!! She did an awesome job! She gave me some tips for keeping my pastel hair as long as I can – unfortunately, these pastel highlights won’t stay as vibrant as they are here.

  • Wash your hair with cool/cold water
  • Products are OK
  • Heat will open up the hair cuticles and that’s what aids the dye in fading – so my mom-do of air drying with spray gel will help me extend the life of my highlights
  • Don’t wash hair everyday if you can help it

I washed it for the first time Saturday, and the colors didn’t fade badly at all. I did it up embracing my curl.

Pravana pastel hair BeautyJudy
Pravana pastel hair BeautyJudy

I definitely prefer it straight, but still have received lots of compliments on it – and love it myself!

Have you ever dyed your hair in a colorful way? Done pastel highlights? I love it. If these fade super quick, I might go back for some neon highlights, then schedule myself to go back to all blonde the Saturday before I go back to work! I want ALL THE COLORFUL HAIR now!!