Jun 25 2015

Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer in Orgasm

Purchased by me.

Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer swatches review on BeautyJudy

I didn’t know that Ruby Kisses made more than just nail polish, but last month at The Makeup Show NYC, I stopped by a booth with Kiss and Ruby Kisses makeup for sale at really low, great prices. Like, drugstore prices. I was intrigued!

I picked up a couple pieces from the different lippie lines, including this one, Lip Lacquer.

Although it’s billed as a combined lip gloss and lipstick product, Lip Lacquer is the consistency of a liquid lipstick – the one I picked up is extremely pigmented and opaque. Without looking at names, the shade I chose was “Orgasm.”

Here’s a look at the applicator, which is a thin paddle. It picks up a great amount of product:

Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer Orgasm swatches review on BeautyJudy

You can see that Orgasm is a bright cherry red with red shimmer.

Here’s how it looks on my lips:

Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer Orgasm swatches review on BeautyJudy
Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer Orgasm swatches review on BeautyJudy

It’s definitely bright on my lips but the shimmer is subtle.

I fully expected this to feather on my lips. But it did not. It wore solid through breakfast, constant water and coffee drinking, and stained my lips so that after lunch, I only needed a touch-up to brighten the color again and give a bit of moisture to my lips.

Where I applied it, it stayed.

This is one reliable red lipstick.

Remember I mentioned the drugstore prices? The price tag on this $3.99. That’s it. $3.99. I want everyone of these pretties for that price!!

I asked at the booth where I might find Lip Lacquers and other Kiss/Ruby Kisses products after The Makeup Show NYC, and they told me to try Bejour.com. Orgasm is not listed here in the choices for Lip Lacquer. I also Googled to find other places where the lippie might be sold and I found many choices available on Amazon.com, although the price is higher than Bejour.com.

I would definitely buy more of these. Have you ever tried Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer?!

  • Jenna Roby

    Another option to check for Kiss cosmetics are independent ethnic beauty supply stores. 🙂

    • BeautyJudy

      Awesome tip Jenna – thank you!!

      • Jenna Roby

        No prob, beautiful Mama! I find all kinds of unheard of & reasonably priced nail & hair products in these shops. Ruby Kisses is one of my favorite polish brands that nobody in the states has heard of that can only be found in indie beauty supply shops. LOL