May 28 2015

Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color

Disclaimer: PR Sample. See bottom.

Smash box L.A. Lights blendable lip & Cheek color in Beverly hills blush swatches review on BeautyJudy

I’ve been thinking about how my beauty routine might change in a few months when I get done maternity leave and I’m charged with getting not just me ready for work in the morning, but baby ready for day care.

I may seek out multitasking beauty products, like Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color, to help me save time but still look put together by my own standards!

My workday makeup routine is already pretty simple, usually consisting of: foundation, blush, brow gel, lippie. Sometimes, powder and bronzer, too. But I think every minute is going to count when I’m suddenly juggling my demanding career with a demanding infant!

I recently got to test drive L.A. Lights in Beverly Hills Blush – a wearable peachy-pink with golden shimmer (similar to NARS Orgasm but more pinky I think):

Smash box L.A. Lights blendable lip & Cheek color in Beverly hills blush swatches review on BeautyJudy

On one end is a chubby, dome-shaped cheek and lip color, and on the other end is a sponge you can use to blend the product in:

Smash box L.A. Lights blendable lip & Cheek color in Beverly hills blush swatches review on BeautyJudy

The sponge is super soft.

The first time I wore Beverly Hills Blush, I ran the stick across my cheeks, then tried using the sponge to blend. However, I quickly abandoned the sponge and preferred using my fingertips to blend the product out – it felt much faster and easier/more effective to use my fingers to blend.

After that, I ran the stick over my lips and voila! Two birds, one stone.

Smash box L.A. Lights blendable lip & Cheek color in Beverly hills blush swatches review on BeautyJudy
Smash box L.A. Lights blendable lip & Cheek color in Beverly hills blush swatches review on BeautyJudy
Smash box L.A. Lights blendable lip & Cheek color in Beverly hills blush swatches review on BeautyJudy

I couldn’t believe how creamy and easy to blend this was, and how it glided on my lips so easily. It has great pigment and it gave me a great glow.

L.A. Lights has earned a permanent home in my cheeks and lip rotation.

There are five shades of L.A. Lights, which retails for $29 and can be found here on Smashbox’s website or where Smashbox is sold. I want to add one more to my rotation – I’m eyeing the Silver Lake Sunset shade!

Have you tried L.A. Lights yet? Do you like a multi-tasking product?

Disclaimer: I received the L.A. Lights for review from the PR Firm/Manufacturer in a press bag at The Makeup Show NYC. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!

  • http://www.mynewestaddiction.com/ Laura

    This is gorgeous! LOVE IT!

    • BeautyJudy

      It’s my new favorite thing!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Ohh I love this shade! And it looks perfect on you as both

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Lisa!!

  • http://www.blushingnoir.com/ Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    That shade is gorgeous on you! I love how it makes your cheeks glow!

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Brooke!

  • robin

    This looks like a great product Judy and I can’t wait to see other colors at Sephora when I go on vacation!! I think one will have to be mine. I am getting quite the Sephora haul list together! Good thing I get to a real Sephora once or twice a year!

    • BeautyJudy

      Oh, let me know if you take any of these home! I would love to hear what other goodies you get!!

  • http://www.honeygirlsworld.com/ Honeygirlk

    Okay seriously – this is a pretty neat thing here. You look fabulous and it really does make it seem like you look natural. I love it.

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Honey – I really like that aspect too, natural is in!

  • http://www.stephanielouiseatb.blogspot.com Stephanie Louise Telford

    OK I need this- great color!

    • BeautyJudy


  • Justina

    Ooh that’s pretty neat!

    • BeautyJudy


  • http://loveforlacquer.com/ loveforlacquer

    I just got some of these! I can’t wait to give them a try!

    • BeautyJudy

      I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    You’d be in messy bun sans makeup but still look fab mama, trust moi!

    • BeautyJudy

      Thank you very much 🙂

  • marciaf

    I love that. I think it looks perfect on you and will save you time.

    • BeautyJudy

      I hope so! I am thinking it should go in my hospital bag with a light coverage skin tint and that will be the extent of hospital makeup if I even feel like putting any on for pics with baby!

  • http://beautylitfromwithin.blogspot.com Nidia Doherty

    I’ve tried the Stila Convertible colors, but I think those don’t work as well as lippies for me. This seems to look great both as a lippie and a blush. Great color for you!

    • BeautyJudy

      They are not the same as this – I’ve tried those. These are so much more easy to blend, in my opinion! Not to knock the Stila colors but I got one as a sample from Sephora maybe? And I used it once and tossed it.

  • http://www.slashedbeauty.com/ Miranda | Slashed Beauty

    This shade is really nice on your complexion!

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Miranda!

  • Kimberly Purcell

    Completes a very darling look on you. I love it!

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Kimberly 🙂

  • http://www.cosmetopiadigest.com/ CosmetopiaDigest.com

    I love this as a lip colour! Need to check out this range – that’s the second product in two days (after yesterday’s Purminerals) that you’ve made me want. My wallet thanks you!

    • BeautyJudy

      I would understand if your wallet hates me, too LOL!!!

  • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

    That’s such a pretty color on you

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Phyrra!

  • Norah Salazar

    I love all of the creams that Smashbox does, they are always the perfect balance of pigment with staying power.

    • BeautyJudy

      Norah they really are such a quality brand!

  • Cindy Ingalls

    I’m huge fan of Smashbox. I’ve been thinking about trying out the L.A. Lights sticks, and you’ve convinced me I need them.

    • BeautyJudy

      Cindy this one would look fabulous on you, as you know we’re similarly skin toned! You would rock it.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Great shade for both cheeks and lips! So pretty on you

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Allison!

  • http://www.confessionsofasarcasticmom.com/ Destany

    what a great two-in-one! You’ll definitely need to after the baby’s born. I never knew time crunch until I had Lucas haha

    • BeautyJudy

      Oh man I bet! I better play with my eye shadows and fun makeup I’ve gotten in recently before Lorelei’s arrival lol!

  • http://glamorable.com/ Anastasia

    That’s one handy little multi-tasker! I love products like this one that are quick and easy to use.

    • BeautyJudy

      Me too – So easy to pack and go in my makeup bag!