BeautyJudy Baby: 17 weeks update!

Today I am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and every week is a new adventure!


My bump is really starting to pop – here’s the difference just a week and a half can make – in the picture on the right, I was 16 weeks 5 days; on the left, 15 weeks 3 days.

BeautyJudy Baby pregnancy journey

POP goes the baby bump! Crazy that at this point I’d only gained 3 lbs this pregnancy, too! Here’s a grainy bump selfie from this weekend, at a wedding we went to. I was 17 weeks here!:

BeautyJudy Baby pregnancy journey


My first trimester was tough. The second trimester started off much better. I had a good week or two where I felt great! I was worried – was something wrong with the baby?!

In the last few weeks, I’ve dealt with: a cold, pregnancy congestion, round ligament pain and a wicked stomach virus.

While prepping my skin for a Breathe Right strip one night, I agitated my rosacea and eczema during cleansing. I ended up with a huge reaction on my cheek that required antibiotic ointment – but it cleared it up within a matter of three or four days!

It takes a little longer, I’m noticing, for my body to recover and heal and work through things, like the stomach virus. Sooooooooo not fun. I was able to go to a wedding on Saturday but admittedly, I was still sick, not feeling better until Sunday afternoon. It was a rough few days. But we took a nice picture together at the reception, which was at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia – one of the best reception halls in our area!

BeautyJudy Baby pregnancy journey


It’s funny my lipstick was bright, deep pink but you can’t tell from the blurry photo. It felt good to put on a dress and wear a full face of “going out” makeup. I haven’t done that in so long. And my friend who got married – what a beautiful bride. And such a beautiful wedding.


The results of our genetic testing came back negative for chromosomal abnormalities, and our spinal abnormality bloodwork last week came back normal. On December 22, I got the call about genetic testing and learned that we are having….

BeautyJudy Baby pregnancy journey


I cried when they told me, and since I was off work, I tracked down where my husband was – he spends a lot of his work day on calls – and I brought him a yellow baby bag with a “Daddy’s Girl” onesie inside to reveal the gender to him. It was so fun to surprise him and it was such a nice moment for us.

In week 15, I started suspecting I felt flutters, but didn’t really think too much of it, because I figured when it happened, I would know. And it could happen anytime. Then, last week, I was parked outside Salad Works for lunch, and I felt a distinct light thump inside of me. I just knew it was the baby.

It was a surreal moment. I pictured this miniature little girl in there, flipping about, and it made my heart so full! After I absorbed the moment I got out and got us something to eat – I’m pretty sure she was kicking me in there telling me “MOM, I’M HUNGRY!”

Oh! Last week I also ordered a fetal heart doppler so we can hear her heartbeat when we’d like. I tried it on my own but could not locate the heartbeat. I am pretty sure I found my own, though, haha. Mike and I will try together another night!

Babies need STUFF

Since I last wrote an update (actually it was just my announcement on my blog!), Mike and I have started – but not finished – our baby registry. We spent three hours in Babies R Us, looking at things like this and wondering … is this the right one?! It was such an education and we ended up spending time before we went researching what strollers and car seats we wanted. Some stuff, like the high chair, we just went based on what we thought made sense for us!

BeautyJudy Baby pregnancy journey

We will continue to edit and update our registry for a little bit until we have everything we think we’ll need on there. We are excited that we’re getting our crib from my sister-in-law, who is handing down the one she used for her two boys.

Babies also need room, and Mike and I have been house hunting. We put an offer in on one Saturday – our fingers are crossed!

It’s been an amazing journey so far. Thanks for sharing in my excitement today!