I’m still here – but this is why I’ve been quiet

Things have been awfully quiet on BeautyJudy. Last time I checked in, I mentioned that I haven’t been feeling well.

I haven’t been able to stand the smell of nail polish or remover, and my nails have, quite frankly, gone to hell! I haven’t been wearing makeup much at all. And I haven’t had energy to blog, since I’m going to bed early on weeknights (and weekends), and when I’m not spending time with family/friends on weekends, I’m sleeping or relaxing.

But what I HAVE been able to do the last several weeks?

Grow a human!

baby schmidt 11w4d

I’m 12 weeks 2 days pregnant today, and keeping my eye on the prize through months of rough morning sickness (haha, more like 24/7 sickness!), picky eating – cravings AND aversions – and lots of other “fun” pregnancy symptoms! Oh and headaches have begun 🙂

Seriously that “glow” that they talk about? I’d like to know when that kicks in because the first trimester is NOT pretty!

Anyway, all kidding and complaints aside, I am happy to take a beating for the health of our little guy or gal! And I’m taking nothing for granted given my miscarriage earlier this year, and my doc thinks my illness is a great sign for the baby, who we’ve started calling by a couple nicknames – “Little Bit” and “Nugs,” which is short for “Nugget.” Everything about this pregnancy has been different. And I don’t see why I shouldn’t be hopeful, and celebrate the life inside of me!

I couldn’t wait to share this with you! One of the highlights of my life was watching my baby on the screen during our NT scan, with its hand by its face, clenching/unclenching its tiny fist. And to see it flipping around, moving…just what a blessing!!!

Now, BeautyJudy isn’t going to become “BeautyJudy Baby” So no worries there. But I do plan to share periodic updates with you under that category! And as I prepare to leave the first trimester (I enter the second next week sometime!), I’m hoping I’ll be able to tolerate the smell of nail products much better. Right now I’m doing my nails about once a week, and peeling the polish off as the week goes on. While my hairdresser said she can feel my hair has already become thicker (one of the POSITIVE side effects of pregnancy!), my nails are not the long, strong, rapidly growing digits that I thought they would be! I’m sure peeling my mani off isn’t helping my poor peeling nail beds either!

Anyway! Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I can’t wait to get some new content up soon. I miss blogging! I miss you! And I have so much to share in both nails and makeup! I won’t be swatching anymore, so I may share content a little differently. I hope you’ll hang in there with me!