Hi all!

selfie 2

Hi! *waves*

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t!

But I’ve been very quiet on social media lately, and last week I was unable to get blog posts prepped – the only one that went live was because I had prepped it the week before!

I just kinda wanted to do a little check-in post. You all know I’m not shy about getting personal and talking about life, so I figured I’d share some things that are going on and keeping me from blogging lately! I have no doubt you understand, you guys always stick by me and come back and check out new content when it’s up. So I apologize for the lack of new stuff, but I won’t beg you to be here for me, I already know that we’re solid – thank you for that!!! <3


So I got promoted at work in the beginning of September! I was so excited! But then a couple weeks in, my boss announced that she was leaving for another job opportunity – which is amazing for her! – but that meant that not only was I doing my old role and my new role…but suddenly I’m also doing large chunks of her role.

To say that I’ve been busy or swamped might be an understatement. But I am managing it – it’s all about prioritizing what needs to be done, delegating, and remaining calm!

I enjoy popping onto Instagram to post a lip or nail of the day photo, or something fun, as my small moment of brevity during the work day. I’m not constantly on social media at work, but I enjoy using it to take a mental break periodically. Because of everything, I haven’t even been able to manage doing that.

Not feeling well


Another part of my lack of IG lip and nail posts is that I haven’t been wearing much makeup, or changing my nails much. Like, at all. So the above selfie – no makeup, and glasses – that’s been life. Oh, and wearing my warm, comforting “lumberjack” casual jacket, lol! I’ve been going to work without even foundation. You know I don’t feel well when I’m not wearing makeup to work!

I hardly left bed the weekend of Halloween, so I didn’t get a chance to swatch or anything. I’m still not myself. I’m still figuring things out, but I will share with you what’s going on when I know more! I will be OK, but I’ve definitely hit a rough patch.

It’s my anniversary!

wedding 3

It’s been crazy but yesterday, Mike and I celebrated our 1st anniversary! We really celebrated all weekend, having a nice dinner together at a fancy restaurant Saturday night!

My dad and stepmom came over Saturday and they brought us a beautiful gift – my stepmother drew this picture – isn’t she so talented?!


We were so touched!

Mike and I did not exchange gifts on our wedding day, we were so busy saving for the event, that we decided to splurge on our anniversary for each other. He couldn’t wait until Sunday for me to open my gift, so we exchanged Saturday night after our yummy dinner (I had filet mignon, and we shared shrimp wrapped with bacon as an appetizer – MMM!)

THIS is why Mike was so excited:

wedding 2
wedding 4
He gave me a Canon Rebel t5i with a bundle of accessories – including a lens!!! This is my first DSLR, and I know it’s going to up my blogging photo game. It also came with a tripod and a remote shutter control, so I’ll be able to try my hand more at videos!

We are hoping to move early next year, and I absolutely can not wait to have a room with a photography set up in it to do more for BeautyJudy. I’ve already looked into photography and DSLR beginner classes so I can really use this baby to its full potential.

I gave Mike a gift card that will buy for him something he wants, and I’m taking him on a shopping spree at Cabela’s this coming weekend in preparation for his annual Thanksgiving weekend away!

It’s not about the gifts though, I feel really blessed with the life partner I’ve chosen. We’ve had many ups and downs, but the life and love we have, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He is amazing, and we are amazing together! Except when we’re eating badly. Then, not so much, lol!!!


Thanks for reading my lil update. I will have some new content for you this week, but the stuff I need to swatch – like the Zoya Wishes collection, some pretty makeup and polish from Pixi, and I’m STILL working through polishes from Cosmoprof in July. So there’s lots to come and hopefully some with my fancy new camera 🙂

Have a great week everyone!