The Long and Short of It!

short v long

For years, all I ever wanted was to grow my nails as long – or longer! – as my nails looked when I had acrylics on them back in college and my early 20s.

With the help of what might possibly be my best nail treatment find of 2014, Probelle Touch n’ Grow and Touch n’ Grow Plus, I have finally achieved nails that are long, strong and beautiful when painted!

They are so long, in fact, that I’ve noticed differences in my everyday life! Here’s the things I’ve noticed – the list of cons, if you will!

  • I had NO idea how much a difference longer nails would make for me in doing everyday tasks like typing. I am CONSTANTLY making typing errors now, constantly hitting backspace.
  • I have to be a little more careful I don’t poke my eyes when I put in and remove my contacts. I also have to take caution not to tear them, too.
  • My nails are a little wonky; a couple curve in on one side, and it’s weird. I know there are ways to help smooth stuff like this out, but I’m lazy and let’s be real – it’s how my nail grows. I have to live with it.
  • Going to the bathroom is … different. I have to wipe differently because my nails are in the way and I don’t want to stab myself. Sorry if that’s TMI. And God bless those with long, LONG nails, I know you hate the question of “how do you go to the bathroom?!” and you have it down to a science but I find it awkward at this long-but-not-overly-long phase.
  • Putting on necklaces and bracelets with tiny clasps. I just can’t grasp them. My tips get in the way. If I try to use my tips, it’s awkward. There’s certain pieces of jewelry I’ve given up on as I’m getting ready in the morning.
  • They’re loud. I conducted an interview for a newspaper feature the other day, and the interviewee commented on my typing. I feel like the clatter is 10 times worse with these talons!

So that’s my list of the cons, but there’s pros, and I want to share those too!

  • They make for better BeautyJudy swatch pictures.
  • I get mad amounts of compliments on my nails
  • They are strong!
  • This is the length I’ve only dreamed about!
  • Bigger palette for nail art.
  • I’m attacking my cuticles less (I’m a horrible biter!) because my nails are so nice, I don’t want to ruin them.

I guess the irony here is that as I put this post together, I paused to run to the bathroom. I caught three of my nails on the door as I went in and one of them snapped. SO, I had to cut my swatch hand down about half the length it was.

Now I’m noticing how much easier it is to type with my left hand vs. my right hand and I think I’m convinced that while these long nails are nice, I have a happy medium. And it’s somewhere in between long and short.

Tell me! Have you ever achieved a goal like this – whether it’s hair down to your butt or nails “out to here” and decided it’s not greener on the other side, after all? I’d love to hear your thoughts!