Jun 12 2014

Violet Voss Glitter Lips

Disclaimer: Purchased by me.

Violet Voss glitter

At IMATS NYC in April, I stopped and took in the pretty sights of the Violet Voss glitters – they sparkle a zillion different colors. Some are soft, some are bright, but they are all oh so pretty!

While I admired them, I didn’t buy any. What would I use them for? Glitter on my eyes? What a pain! Maybe glitter eyeliner, I’ve done that before! But I already have glitter eyeliners I don’t use.

And, as a woman in my mid- to late-30s, how could I justify buying glitter that I’d only use for special occasions?

Well, last month, I saw Violet Voss again at The Makeup Show New York City, and although the show was hopping, I was able to connect with someone at the booth, who offered to give me a demo of the glitter on my lips. I was already wearing Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Stained Gloss Lip Tar in Hedonist, which she said was a great base for the glitter Rosalind.


I was SO excited about my glitter lips that I walked away with five new glitters and a pro-size Violet’s Secret Weapon Adhesive. Since then, I’ve placed two orders for more glitters, one of which is still en route to me, because I am OBSESSED!

I wore Rosalind again for BeautyCon NYC a couple weeks ago (and yes, that’s Hedonist, again, too!):

violet voss 4

Lip Tars make a GREAT base for glitter lips!

Glitter lips might seem like a pain in the butt, right? Doesn’t it feel weird? Doesn’t it come off easily? Well, yes, if you’re going to eat a meal, you probably are going to need to touch up your glitter. And yes, it feels textured on your lips. But honestly, after a while I forget I’ve got glitter on my lips. The day I went to BeautyCon, I didn’t actually have a proper meal until I got back towards home, so this is what my makeup looked like more than 8 hours after first application – and this is with no touch-up:

violet voss 5

While it’s definitely coming off, it still looks pretty good for GLITTER …. on my LIPS.

Here’s Brittany:

voilet voss
I paired Brittany with a clearanced L’Oreal lippie, Pink Vinyl.

Electric Love (I can’t remember what I paired it with)!:

violet voss 6

Lily with OCC Lip Tar in Mannequin:

violet voss 2
Skye with OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar in Off World as a base:

violet voss 3

Skye was the only one that doesn’t quite work for me as glitter lips; I’m going to try it as a shadow. It was just a little too blue for my complexion, and I just couldn’t pull it off. I ended up taking it off as we were driving to our destination.

I find myself doing glitter lips every weekend, no matter where I’m going or what I’m doing. I get a lot of compliments, and some are fascinated by it, and ask me what gloss I’m wearing. I usually carry everything for touch-ups and I love explaining how to achieve the look!

Would you do glitter lips?!

  • Vanessa Walsh

    Oh my gosh I love your glitter lips and your shirts!!! I am obsessed with the third look.

  • http://www.talonista.com/ talonista

    as a mid-thirties girl…they can pry our glitters from our cold, dead hands. AIN’T NOBODY TOO OLD FOR SHIT. <3

    • BeautyJudy

      Amen!!!! Age is just a number!!!! 🙂

  • robin

    Oh they look so cool!!! Makes me want glittery lips too!

    • BeautyJudy

      I’m in love Robin – can’t wait for the weekend!!! More glitter lips!!!