Jun 03 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foil Experience with Titanium Flush

Disclaimer: Purchased by me

Sally Hansen Color Foil Titanium Flush swatches review BeautyJudy

I spotted the new Sally Hansen Color Foil line at my local Walgreens late last week, and I stood there for a while, debating. Do I get the purple, pink, green, blue, gold…etc. etc…. or do I try one and go back if I love it?

Mike and I are trying to save for a house right now, and I decided buying one would be the prudent thing to do, and I could rationalize with myself any further purchases at a later time!

Of all the polish I have acquired recently, this was the one I was most excited to try out, so I set out Saturday night to paint my nails with Titanium Flush, my pick.

I’m going to take you through my experience then share swatches.

First coat

I applied one coat of OPI Nail Envy and it dried relatively quickly. Then I added one coat of Titanium Flush to my left thumb. I always start with a stroke in the middle of my nail, and move it out over to the right, and then to the left, and go over the nail a time or two more, and cap it off (on second coats, I cap first, then paint strokes).

Well, I painted my one stroke down the middle, got the right and left stroke in, and when I went to go over the whole nail, HOLY PULLAGE! My nails looked like a war zone of balding, bunched up foil polish.

I think this starts drying so fast that you have GOT to be quick about your application. And use the least amount of strokes possible.

So as I went from nail to nail, I got more efficient in how I applied this, but I had a LOT of clean-up, because I was more worried about getting my nail covered with no balding than I was about neatness.

Second coat

Second coat was going very well, except on nails where the polish wasn’t quite dry enough yet, so it pulled. Your best bet is to wait until the first coat is dry to go at your nails with a second coat.

I ended up redoing my right thumb – oh, the horror of it! – and my right pinky. The thumb just looked awful, bunched polish and balding, I just had to take it all off and redo it.

I had to use so many clean-up swabs, and my hand slipped when I was cleaning around the cuticle of my pinky and I ruined a part of it. Luckily, I was able to touch it up and not redo the entire thing.

Top coat

I went at my mani with my Holy Grail top coat, HK Girl by Glisten & Glow, very gingerly. It looked good when I was done my left hand.

Then I did the right hand. I skipped my pinky and thumb because I’d just touched up/redone them and wanted them to dry a bit.

A few minutes after I applied the top coat, I noticed that the fingers on my right hand looked like the polish under the top coat was pulled. I was so crushed. This mani was already high maintenance, and now I had to take more off and redo it?!


Final thoughts

As my nails fully dried, the issue of the bunching under the top coat naturally worked itself out. I was relieved! And I was left with as good of a foil mani as I was going to get. And it didn’t look horrible, especially if you didn’t look close-up.

Be warned: This polish will show EVERY SINGLE FLAW in your nail. The thumb where my nail had a thick peel last week? SO obvious. Tiny peels, dents, and parts where the polish was balding on the first coat and the second coat didn’t even it out or fill in the bald spots? Subtlety visible.

Here’s how my swatch hand looked. In the direct sun:

Sally Hansen Color Foil Titanium Flush swatches review BeautyJudy

Indoors, by a window:

Sally Hansen Color Foil Titanium Flush swatches review BeautyJudy

In the sun:

Sally Hansen Color Foil Titanium Flush swatches review BeautyJudy

The big question for me right now is: Do I want to go back for the gold, blue, purple and gold polish I wanted when I was initially in front of the display? I honestly can’t decide. I probably won’t.

Maybe I should try them without a base coat, and see if there’s less pullage during that first coat. But my nails really benefit from the treatment.

Now that I know how I can best apply them with my Nail Envy, I could probably manage better. And maybe if I use a ridge-filling base coat over my treatment, my peels won’t look so horrid. But then, if you shouldn’t use base coat with them, you can’t fill in your ridges, either. Ugh.

Edit: I’ve also seen others post about not using top coat with this, either.

These were, I believe, $7.99 a piece (.34 fl oz. of product). I saw them at Target over the weekend, too.

So what do you think of these new Color Foils? Did you have a similar experience to me? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this line, too!!

  • Kristina Sciame

    No base or top coat! It says it on the bottle and I figure, hey why not just use a base, should be fine..until I did it. I took the base coat off immediately and noticed a difference when applying it again. Did you happen to do a touch up later on, going over your nails again with another layer? I did that yesterday and now my left hand is a lighter pink than my right hand after doing 2 more coats.

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  • Judy L

    What I have read about these polishes says no base coat – no top coat – and touch up as needed. That adds up to a manicure that doesn’t last too long. I’m not impressed – and I think they are too pricey also.

    • BeautyJudy

      You’re right, the no base/top is definitely the way to go with these and yes – not a lot of wear unfortunately 🙁 I’ll save these for a night out!

  • Deest

    i was already not too interested because I really don’t like opaque bottles — I want to see where the polish is and where the brush is going. After reading your review, I will definitely stay away. I don’t have time for the “drama queen polishes”, and although your manicure looks nice, it’s not so wonderful as to justify a problematic polish. If you have problems, what hope is there for us mere mortals?! 🙂

    • BeautyJudy

      LMAO Deest! So since I wrote this, I’ve been in touch with Sally Hansen PR and I’ve asked them to help me make this work because it’s a cool effect and they said they’ve been hearing positive feedback. I’ve heard more negative than positive. But I’m willing to try it again! I think next go, I’m going to try it with no base coat and no top coat and see what happens! I’ll report back!

      • Deest

        Thanks, Judy. I’d be curious to hear their feedback on the opaque bottles and why they made that choice. I see the new Revlon gel top coat is also an opaque bottle, and I wonder what their marketing people are telling their companies. They seem to be ignoring my “GAH!” reaction.

        • BeautyJudy

          Oh, I can definitely tell you that you will notice that ALL gel nail polish is in opaque bottles to protect the formula. Any light (UV) that gets in could cure the polish! Do you remember the old Sally Hansen Chromes? They were in opaque bottles, too. I can ask the PR, but my guess is the opaque bottles are to protect the formula, too

  • robin

    I have this in the minty green color (can’t recall the name) in a line up to do soon. I had read some other blogs that it is difficult to work with. I always use a base coat of Nailtiques under my polish so I will be careful. Let us know if you go back for more!

    • BeautyJudy

      Yes, I’m hearing more and more that using a base coat is not recommended, but again, I think my learnings with Nail Envy might help you with Nailtiques too. Definitely make sure it’s very dry first, and as little strokes as possible! Let me know how you make out!!!