Zoya Naturel Nail Art

Disclaimer: Press sample. See bottom.

naturel nail art
When I receive new Zoya collections to review, I am always excited to swatch them and share them with you. Zoya is usually one of my favorite releases each season.

But I also love putting them aside for a month or two, then revisiting the collection as a whole and finding some kind of inspiration for nail art. The colors always compliment each other and this time around, the Naturel collection was no different!

I decided to use Odette, Rue and Taylor for a quick gradient.

  • I didn’t use a sponge, I just used the brush of each polish to dab on the color.
  • I started from the cuticle to the tip, did one coat of each color on each nail (Odette, then Rue, then Taylor), then went back and did a second coat for each.
  • I added lilac iridescent rhinestones I recently ordered off either eBay or Amazon – both really great places to score some nail art decorations.

naturel nail art 2
Here’s another shot to show some more of the bright iridescence in the rhinestones!

naturel nail art 3

I do this because I have not yet mastered the sponge gradient, but you can be sure I’m going to keep trying.

Also, total side note but the colorful fabric I’m holding is actually a scarf that I crocheted several years ago! I was into crocheting for a bit in my mid-20s, and I started making this warm, colorful blanket…but crocheting is a lot more tedious than knitting when you’re trying to make a blanket, it seems, so I gave up when it was a little wider than a typical scarf. Now, it’s the warmest scarf I own, and I get compliments on my handywork, which makes me feel good since I love being crafty, but I’m never very good at it! LOL

I have lately been thinking about re-teaching myself how to crochet, so that I can make some homemade bits again.

Anyway! Do you like looking at a collection, finding inspiration and creating nail art, too? And as a total side note with you – do you crochet or knit?!

Disclaimer: I received the Zoya Naturel polishes in this post from the PR firm/Manufacturer for review, which you can see here. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!