Feb 04 2014

Nail Art Society: California Dreaming

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nas california dreaming
The Nail Art Society‘s latest kit, California Dreaming, totally makes me crave spring even more than I already have been! We’re having crazy weather here in South Jersey. It’s been one of the most intense winters I’ve ever lived through!

So what about this kit makes me feel like warmer weather is around the corner?!

Here’s a run-down of this NAS kit!

  • Jessica Nail Polish in Tangerine Dreamz
  • Joyme Nail Stickers (a set of 10)
  • Two iridescent rhinestone bows
  • Small baggie of round pearls
  • Small wooden stick

Between the flirty blows, iridescent rhinestones and the nail polish from Jessica’s 2012 summer collection, I’m feeling spring all over the place right now!

I WILL, however, say upfront that while I think this kit is so pretty, it wasn’t my favorite. Not because it wasn’t the ingredients for cute nail art – it totally was. But I just had issues with the nail art bits when I went to use them. Let’s check things out first, then I’ll chat about it.

First off, look at the cute branded bag the kit came in!

california dreaming 3

Here’s the pearls and bows:

california dreaming 4

A look at the Joyme stickers:

california dreaming 6
california dreaming 7

The insert, with step-by-step instructions for creating the look that nail artist Sheila Monaus did for NAS:

california dreaming 5

Finally, here are swatches of Jessica Tangerine Dreamz nail color:

tangerine dreamz 2
tangerine dreamz 3

These swatches are actually from 2012, when the Gelato Mio collection launched!

Finally, here’s what I did with the kit! My swatch hand, the left:

california dreaming

I tried to create a negative space heart on my index finger, and outline it with pearls. My nail beds feel small for this type of work, so I’m going to find other ways to incorporate negative space in my nail art.

And my right hand:

california dreaming 2

I prefer the simpler look of my right hand.

Unfortunately, the Joyme stickers were a bit of a bear to work with. I heard this from other NAS Renowned Artists, as we were all testing out our kits, so I tried to carefully pull them off the paper backing knowing this.

The problem is that the glue is extremely gummy and pliable. So I completely ruined the designs I tried to pick up. As I’d pull, the design would stretch in its resistance to coming off the paper, and when I’d let go it would remain out of shape.


My ring fingers on both hands are supposed to have heart-shaped stickers on them but instead they look like rhinestone and glitter clusters. It looks OK, but not as intended. You might be able to tell in the right hand picture that the rhinestones were a bit more jumbled than the left.

It’s possible that the harsh winter conditions, and my kit having to wait for me to come home outside, may have had a factor in the temperamental stickers.

The pearls were great! Except they clung to my glass-top coffee table, where I do my nails. They were static cling-central. I had trouble picking them up with the wooden stick (which I dampen with a little saliva, then touch to the pearl to pick it up) so I used the tweezers that came in the Accent with Attitude kit. I had to be gentle, or the pearls would fly across the table.

I had to wipe the floor up after I was done and my nails were dry, to ensure my Timmy cat didn’t find any of these pearls in his paws or lick them up.

The bows were great, and the polish was a dream! I knocked one of the bows off, but it got loose so I was able to salvage both bows for a future mani. I cleaned them off with a cotton swab and nonacetone remover and they are sill perfect!

I am excited to see what the next kit will be.

Did you get this kit? What do you think?! Don’t forget, when you create nail art with your NAS kits, tag your pictures on social media with the following hashtags: #CaliforniaDreaming and #TangerineDreams !

Disclaimer: I am a Nail Art Society Renowned Artist, and received the kit from the PR Firm/Manufacturer for review. I am compensated if you sign up for the service from my links. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!

  • Betzy Carmona

    So so pretty

  • Betzy Carmona

    So so pretty 🙂

  • http://liesllovesprettythings.blogspot.com/ Liesl

    How fun! the iridescent rhinestone pieces look great against that lovely base.

  • Shelley Polarbelle

    ooooo, that’s a great kit!!!

    • BeautyJudy

      It is pretty!

  • http://www.portraitofmai.com/ Mai

    I love the look of the pearls on your nails, despite them being a bit of a pain to deal with

    • BeautyJudy

      Oh yes, I think they are so girly and pretty!

  • http://auttyw.com/ Auttyw

    I’ve yet to subscribe to this yet, but that polish is gorgeous!! I agree with Nidia, the clusters and bow would be a bust for me because I have nubs

    • BeautyJudy

      I think for nubs the secret is less is more!

      • BeautyJudy

        In other words, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have used ALL the thigns in this mani, but used maybe pearls and the bow or just the clusters

  • Justina

    I love the look you accomplished! Especially the bow!

    • BeautyJudy

      Thank you Justina!!

  • Nidia Doherty

    I love Tangerine Dream, but the misshapen clusters and over-sized pearls and bows would be a bust for me.

    • BeautyJudy

      Ah, I love the girlish-ness of the pearls and bows, but do wish the mishappen clusters had worked out better for me 🙁

  • Amber

    I love the look you did Judy! That Tangerine is so pretty!

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Amber, yes, it’s so pretty that color!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I’m with Marcia, the life span of this nail art on me would be 2 hrs at the most, haha! But as usual you did great Judy! Wish I have your patience and talent in nail art.

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks Kath! I have been reaching a LOT for my bigger nail jewelry pieces – my mani today happens to be on day 3, and I only had to re-apply the nail piece I have on my left hand becuase it got caught in my sweater yesterday. The other hand is fine. I’m amazing how much top coat can adhere these things down sometimes!

  • marciaf

    Pretty kit but I’d be picking at it constantly.

    • BeautyJudy

      Nail art bits like that aren’t for everyone but they are pretty to look at! lol

  • Farryn

    Love thisshade!

    • BeautyJudy

      Me too Farryn!

  • Anastasia

    Love the bows, I think this manicure would be perfect for Valentine’s Day 🙂

    • BeautyJudy

      OHHH! Good call Anastasia! I will have to revisit my kit next week!!!

  • http://www.slashedbeauty.com/ Miranda Mendoza

    I love how this looks, but it might drive me crazy since I type all day!

    • BeautyJudy

      I type all day too, but I’ve gotten used to these big things on my nails, I’ve been obsessed with Japanese-style nail art! lol

  • http://www.citizensofbeauty.com/ Citizens of Beauty

    This looks really cute! I love the orang shade and the bow is super cute!

    • BeautyJudy

      Agreed, so spring-ready, LOVE!

  • http://libbyspinkvanity.blogspot.com Kimberly

    You, truly, have the patience of a saint! This is so cute!

    • BeautyJudy

      LMAO maybe if I had the patience of a saint I could have made them work!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Love the orange shade and that bow is adorable!

    • BeautyJudy

      Thanks! 🙂

  • http://makeupbykim-porter.com/blog Kim Porter

    The orange/coral is a pretty color. I will have to build up my confidence to add the bow. It is pretty though

    • BeautyJudy

      YES, the color is so spring ready!!!

  • http://loveforlacquer.com/ loveforlacquer

    Those bows are so cute!!

    • BeautyJudy

      They’re my favorite!

  • http://www.painted-ladies.com/ Sheila Arkee

    This is a super exciting kit! I hate to tell you it’s about 63 degrees in California and we are complaining about how chilly it is. Spring come soon to the East Coast!

    • BeautyJudy

      Wow. It got into the 50s this past Sunday, and I was running errands in a short sleeve shirt I was so excited LOL!

  • Ange

    love everything about this!!

    • BeautyJudy

      It’s so pretty!

  • erikatheicyone

    Pretty and bright. And so what I am craving, right now. Tired of Winter, I am!

    Thanks for the earworm… 😀

    • BeautyJudy

      LOL! Sorry!!!

  • http://www.honeygirlsworld.com/ Honeygirlk

    omigosh you got some fun things 🙂 I love it!!

    • BeautyJudy

      I did! I love playing with this kit every month!

  • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

    OMG Want!

    • BeautyJudy

      It’s so cute!

  • Aleya Bamdad

    Looks like a lot of fun. The bow is cute.

    • BeautyJudy

      Oh the bow is my favorite!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    So pretty! LOVE this months!

    • BeautyJudy

      It is a pretty kit for sure!