Nail Art Society: The Great Glitzy – Happy New Year!

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the great glitzy

There were a couple New Year’s days in my past where it was all about the party on New Year’s Eve, and to look at the manicure the next day (possibly nursing a hangover) was a reminder of the fun I had the night before!

But I’m all old and stuff now (haha, not really but, I’m 36 guys, I’m getting up there LOL!) and the last two or three years Mike and I have stayed home on New Year’s Eve, had a nice meal together and unceremoniously rung in the next 365. Last night my plan included making filet mignon wrapped with bacon, roasted brussel sprouts…wife of the year kinda stuff!

Today we’ll be with my husband’s side of the family for a big dinner. It just seems like a nice way to kick off a fresh start, to spend it with people you love. Locally, the big thing on New Year’s day is the Mummer’s Parade. I know a lot of people who go to the parade on New Year’s day (which can also be a drunken good time if you choose for it to be, ha!). If you don’t know what the Mummers are, it’s a HUGE Philadelphia tradition and if you live in the immediate area, you know at least five Mummers, and you know the difference between the Fancies and the Comics lol! You can read more about it here!

Anyway! What does that all have to do with the Nail Art Society‘s latest kit, The Great Glitzy?! Well, it was my roundabout intro to my NYE nails. I used all the goodies to create Disco Ball Nails, very similar to the tutorial on the included card, created by the super-talented NAS Renowned Artist, vlogger and licensed cosmetologist Lynette Cenee!

There were two versions of The Great Glitzy – silver and gold. I got the silver kit!

Here’s the contents – The card with the tutorial:

great glitzy 12
great glitzy 13

Lynette made some beautiful Disco Ball nails, and she was my inspiration for my own NYE manicure! Here’s the rhinestones. Please keep in mind that there’s so few in the bag because I put a TON on my nails before taking this photo. You can see how many there were in the very first photo at the top of the post:

great glitzy 17
There were rhinestones of all sizes, a couple pearls, iridescent, solid colors, all types. There were also three small gold rings that you can place, and put a rhinestone inside for added flare. Again, they’re not in the bag because they’re on my fingers!

A small jar of holographic silver sequins and a small orange wood stick for picking up the sequins to put on your nails:

great glitzy 16

Here’s the polish! DimePiece from Floss Gloss LTD!

great glitzy 15
I love this holographic silver polish – I was able to get full coverage in two coats, but it looks amazing, like cosmic dust, when I did gradient on some of my nails, too. PERFECT.

I decided to do something I did last year: new year, new nail shape. So I took my squares and made them round with a crystal file.

I definitely wanted negative space in my mani, so I used my treatments (the last couple months I’ve been using one coat of NailTek II Intensive Therapy first, then a coat of NailTek Foundation II Ridge-Filling Base Coat) first.

Then I added top coat (JulieG Jet Set Quick-Dry Top Coat) to my index, middle and ring fingers.

I added two coats of DimePiece to my thumb and pinkies.

I did gradients of DimePiece on my index and ring fingers, not covering the nail fully.

I then did a taped design on my middle fingers to get a block of DimePiece:

great glitzy 2

Then, I just added a bunch of the sequin holo glitter pieces to my thumb and pinky finger:

great glitzy 4
So disco ball-y!!!

Then, I added a ton of the rhinestones and jewels to my nails. I used the orange wood stick that was included, but also the awesome Creme Shop curved tip tweezers that came with the last NAS kit, Accent with Attitude kit. They were useful to pick up the larger rhinestones, and place the gold rings:

great glitzy 7
great glitzy 6
great glitzy 5
Here’s the finished look:

great glitzy 3
great glitzy 9
great glitzy 11
great glitzy 10

I am IN LOVE with my nails!!!

Overall, I was excited to try Floss Gloss, and I’m so curious to try a few more polishes. DimePiece retails for $8. There’s a few others on the site I want – Moon Baby, Selena Corpus Crystalina, Dinge and Con Limon, to name a few! I love the tribute to Selena, what a beautiful talent take away too soon!

I felt like I got a TON of the sequins, and even though I had fall out every time I opened the container, nail art is messy, right? I love these and it is easy to apply them, way easier than I thought to make that disco ball effect.

The only complaint I’d have about this kit is the amount of rhinestones and jewels. I would have loved more, I felt disappointed when I saw the tiny bag.

I recently placed orders for larger pieces to use in my nail art, because I am in love with Japanese nail art but want to find ways of making it work in my tamer manis. I purchased from eBay, and The Nail Room, and found that larger pieces cost a bit more for fewer pieces, like 10 jeweled pieces for $3.99 on eBay (but these types of things are supposed to be reusable if you are able to remove them, typically with nonacetone remover) and the gold rings, for example, were 10 for $4 through The Nail Room. As far as the ones from this kit, I will try to reuse the rings and the larger pieces, if I can properly salvage them when I take my mani off. Cross your fingers! I hate to think that I only get one really great mani from this kit.

Did you get The Great Glitzy? What did you do with it?! What did you think?! Still not a NAS subscriber? You can click here to join. It’s $11.95 plus shipping and handling, and if you are interested in getting in on the next kit, place your order by January 15!

Happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to a colorful 2014 with all of you!!!

Disclaimer: I received The Great Glitzy to review from the PR firm/Manufacturer. I am a NAS Renowned Artist. Links to Nail Art Society are affiliate links; I do receive compensation if you sign up. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!