Dec 04 2013

My 5 Reasons Why Short Nails ROCK


Guys, there’s something going on in the nail polish community and it drives me nuts.

Nubbin hate.

I know you know what I mean!

You’ve probably seen it – the nail blogger who gets a break and won’t swatch anything until her nails grow back. The Instagram-mer that apologizes that their nails are short so they won’t be sharing any nail photos for a while…Or the polish addict who has short nails and hates them and doesn’t think nail art would look good.


In the polish world – especially the nail blogging world! – there are so many different women of color, nail length, nail shapes, personalities…and that’s what makes this community SO GREAT!


I love seeing all your nails on Instagram and Facebook and blogs – no matter the length! Someone once told me, when I apologized for having short nails in a blog post, that they appreciated seeing how the polish looked on short nails because they themselves have short nails and they think some things look better for them than others.

Now, I don’t particularly like having short, short nails, but I have stopped apologizing for it, and I stopped worrying about what others might think. I’m an active gal, so I have to embrace what I’ve got and love my nails no matter what length, because there’s always going to be a polish to swatch, there’s always going to be nail art I want to do, etc! 

When I took my wedding nails off a couple weeks ago, I had horrible damage to my nail beds. And my nails were thinner, weaker, and prone to breakage. I’m using my NailTek Foundation therapy, but the truth is, the damaged parts need time to grow out before I can hope to maintain active-length nails again (cause I NEVER really had LONG nails).

Now, I send my kudos to those of you reading who are like “Short nails don’t care” and even those other nail bloggers who embrace their nubs and even dedicate their blog theme to swatching on nubs! CHEERS TO YOU!

So maybe it’s because my nails have become so short that I’m hyper-aware right now, but let’s celebrate the place of short nails in this world! In celebration of the nubbin, short nail, shorties, or whatever you like to call them, I’ve put together a TOP FIVE list of reasons why they are GREAT! I hope you’ll celebrate with me!

1. My typing speed just went from really fast to WHOA!


I can type as fast as someone speaks. It’s a weird skill to be proud of, but I developed it when I was a reporter, and even now, on conference calls when I take notes, I type as fast as someone speaks.

But with my nubbins, there’s something about feeling the keyboard more clearly under the pads of the tips of my fingers…I feel like I’m flying across those letters!

2. It’s not the size of the nail it’s…

How you use it! Your nail beds are too short. Your nails can’t grow. “Long” to you is everyone else’s “short.” If you’re short in height, you don’t not get dressed because you’re too short, right?! So don’t let your nails be naked if you don’t want them to be, just because they’re short!

I find I love simple, stated nail art on shorter nails and it’s quicker, easier and looks classy! So my short nails mean that my nail looks are a different kind of awesome than my longer nail looks, and that’s one of the reasons I like the short nail – it helps me think outside the longer nail box for ways to dress up my digits using a smaller area of nail! Don’t you love a challenge?! Think of it that way!

Maybe there are ways to try and elongate your nails, if that might help. Maybe try vertical lines for nail art, with some rhinestone accents! Maybe it will feel good to paint them a dark, vampy shade that chips or wears quickly at the tip on long nails, but lasts a little longer on the short nail?

3. Tip wear might be better?

Speaking of tip wear…that mani at the top of the post? I STILL have paint on the tip on some nails, because they’re so short. LOVE that my mani seems to last just a smidge longer on my shorter nails! Perhaps because I find myself typing with the pad of my finger more and my nails not hitting the keyboard as much. Just a theory!

4. Variety is the spice of life

If everyone had long or active length nails, that’d be boring. I love seeing swatches on all different kinds of nails – short, long, active…stiletto, almond, squaoval. Different nail lengths and shapes give me inspiration. I love seeing the polish against different skin types, too, and I love the personality that shines through in nail art from long to short.

Now, if everyone had long nails, how boring would that be?!

Also, I’d rather see someone with short nails than nails of different lengths on the same hand. Isn’t that uncomfortable?! That makes me crazy when I get a break and can’t cut them all down right away.

5. I don’t poke my eye out

I wear contacts. And with shorter nails, I whip those puppies in and out of my eye like a champ. I don’t have to gingerly pick at them or tilt my fingers a certain way to avoid scratching my cornea. Short nails are the friend of eyes.

So there you go.

now, I know that sometimes we break our nails and it’s not pretty. And you’ve got to take care of your nails and nurse them back to health. But don’t apologize to us for it! I’m a reformed nubbin hater. Will you join me?! Help me out. What other reasons are there to love “nubbins?” What do YOU love about short nails?! Let’s celebrate!

  • Bonni Elizabeth Hall

    I find tip wear is far worse when my nails are short, unfortunately. And typing speed is about the same, though when my nails get quite long, they can interfere (I normally don’t wear them that long, though). And when super short, I can’t properly scratch my head through my ridiculously thick hair, which kinda sucks.

    I’m going to start wearing them somewhat shorter than I have in the past, though, because age is taking its toll and when they get to my preferred length, they invariably break (one or the other index finger, on the thumb side, very, very close to the quick). I’m going to maintain them at a length that’s just beyond the tips of my fingers, which I can live with (long enough to do all the stuff I want to do, short enough not to break all the time). I do like them longer, but, well, middle age takes its toll on all kinds of things, and apparently, nail strength (at least for me, but also for other women) is one of those things.

    But, yeah, I still wear polish and do nail art and everything else when they’re short. At the moment, I’m rocking some orange-peach linear holo on my stubbies. I like nail polish, and I have a LOT of it, and it seems silly to me to forego that pleasure just because I broke a nail! :)

  • Melody Robinson Wright

    I think nubbs are fine as long as you don’t have a large amount of fat meat. My nails just won’t grow long because I’m constantly washing my hands and the moisture from wearing gloves makes them soft and prone to breakage.

    • BeautyJudy

      Yes! Not everyone can have long sexy nails, Melody! But I do disagree – we don’t need to fat shame our fingers, either! LOL

      • Bonni Elizabeth Hall

        Some people just naturally have plumper fingers, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Some of us also have wrinkles around our knuckles and tendons that stand out and visible blue veins in our hands (i.e., old lady hands), but, again, nothing to be done about it (other than moisturise, which helps a little in some ways, but doesn’t really fix it). I say rock the polish and don’t worry what people think. I know I wear nail polish for my OWN enjoyment, not for other people (though if they like it, too, that’s a bonus). :D