Prep and Prime: My Current Skincare Routine!

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This summer, my skin care routine consisted mostly of cleanser in the morning, followed by a BB cream and dusting my face with a sunscreen powder before heading out for the day.

Occasionally I used eye creams, but not religiously. At night, I’d cleanse my skin again and – *gasp* – add no moisturizer before heading to bed.

But now that the weather is cooler and drying me out quicker, my skin care needs are more demanding. Plus, having lost a bunch of weight, my face is thinner, and my wrinkles are more apparent without the puffiness of the fat to make me look youthful (something a family member actually pointed out to me – thanks!). I am 36, after all. Time to start scoping out the anti-aging products!

So here’s the breakdown of my new, fall morning routine, which also primes me up for my makeup! Here’s my before picture:

olay before
olay before 2

First, I cleanse my face, in the shower.

Immediately after I dry off, I add my moisturizer. My regime includes Oil of Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Wrinkle Revolution Complex, a moisturizer that utilizes optics-based skin care to smooth skin and relax the appearance of wrinkles in an instant, according to the brand. The scent is light and clean, with a hint of sweet; I love it. In addition to smelling wonderful, it contains:

  • Optical manipulators, a blend of three different-sized light manipulating particles or micro fillers that fill the valleys between fine lines and wrinkles to remove the shadowing that creates the contrast of a wrinkle.
  • Peptamide Y6, a hydrating peptide with skin conditioning properties
  • Amino peptide + B3 Complex (Vitamins B3, B5 and E), Oil of Olay’s exclusive skin hydrating complex
  • Humectants, such as glycerin and propylene glycol, to deeply hydrate the skin’s surface.

Here’s what it looks like:

olay 3
olay 4

This moisturizer makes my skin immediately soft; it feels like a baby’s bottom! The product feels velvety, acting as a makeup primer. This is great, because it means that while I’m bulking up on my cooler-weather skin care routine, I don’t have to also add a makeup primer to the mix. Because this Regenerist moisturizer fills in the lines of my face, it prepares me to put on my liquid foundation or my BB cream, and I get an even application.

Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Wrinkle Revolution Complex retails for $25.99 and is available where Oil of Olay products are sold, like drug stores and Ulta, for example.

Next up!

The eyes have it, right?! So after I use my facial moisturizer, I add Oil of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream and Lash SerumI use the cream around my eyes, taking a couple small dabs to smooth my skin around the eyes and onto the lids, and then I apply the Lash Serum like mascara or lash primer on my lashes for thicker lashes. Here’s what it looks like:

olay 2
olay 5
olay 6

This Lash Duo smooths the appearance of lids, softens the look of lines around the eye and instantly thickens and nourishes lashes for brighter, younger looking eyes in just one week, according to the brand.

Although I show them as separate products in the photo above, you can unscrew the cap of the eye cream and screw the tube into the other end of the Lash Serum! Super convenient. It’s how I store it in my bathroom, but I keep the cap so that I can consolidate them into two bits for better storage in my carry-on liquids bag for plane flights (hint, hint: for my upcoming honeymoon, which I leave for on SUNDAY!)

Adding the moisture around my eyes not only helps fill in wrinkles more and preps the sensitive skin around the eyes to face the day, but that’s where, personally, my lines are most obvious. So adding that extra layer of moisturizer helps to further prime my skin for makeup, eliminating foundation from settling into crevices around my eyes. See:

olay after

Also, the serum helps bulk up my lashes so that they appear fuller when I add mascara.

Above, at the top of the post, was my eye after day one. Here’s what my eye looks like, a couple weeks later:

olay 7

The Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream and Lash Serum duo retails for $15.99, and is also found where Oil of Olay products are sold.

After applying my makeup, I’m set for the day with my cooler-weather skin care routine.

At night, I cleanse my face before bed and I use the Olay moisturizer and Eye Cream again at night, before bed, and my face feels soft and clean.

I did want to note – these products work really well on my skin, which is sensitive. I have mild psoriasis and rosacea, and my skin appreciated the drink of moisture, thankfully (I was a little nervous using new face products so close to my wedding!). In fact, the health of my skin improved over the last couple weeks, consistently moisturizing it.

Something important to note – although no sunscreen in these products, I still protect my facial skin via foundations or powders that include an SPF, something I feel is as necessary as a moisturizer, and a step in skin care not to be missed!

So what do you do for your skin care regime when the weather is cooler? Do you add more products to your skin care routine when the weather changes? Do you seek out new products targeted for your skin? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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